Nec4550 TO nec4551 WORKSS!

hello, i see i’m the first to report this here, i converted my 4550 to 4551 and now Labelflash and DiscT@2 WORKS !!

i did this by following this site


EDIT [Dee-27]
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And apparently 3350 and 3351 can also be converted to the 4551. Stange of NEC to release 4 identical drives that only have different firmware.

it’s not only the firmware, first change bootcode, when thats finished, the drive acts weird and the led keeps flashing, restart pc, mine dindt shutdown properly and had to reset it, in bios he recognised the drive as nec 4551, than in windows i flashed it with the latest nec 4551 bios, and labelflash and DiscT@2 worked !! , i do needed nero with a 1a25… serial, one i have