NEC3650a. Drive is not allowing backups of CSS protected discs. Help

I just bought a Dell dimension 9200. It came with the nec 3650a SATA burner. I recently bought cars and wanted to backup it up. But when I use the Nec to import the DVD into Clonedvd or Dvdshrink it gives an error saying that CSS protection error. Is this something new that they put in the firmware?

When I load the same disc using the same method with my Pioneer A09, clonedvd and dvdshrink both import the dvd. but I can’t get it to work with the NEC.

I downgraded the firmware to the original 104 nec firmware but didn’t make a difference. The drive came with dell firmware 105c.

Has anyone seen this before? Dvd drives blocking CSS? Thanks for your help.

Sweetnamja –

There is not “something new” in the Firmware.

Suggest viewing the below DVDShrink Support Forum posting ->

As the DVDShrink Support Forum posting states some type of copy protection removing software program needs to be used in conjunction with DVDShrink to remove copy the protection schemes contained in Commercial DVD Movies. Suggest trying the SlySoft AnyDVD ( software program.


Thanks. I use the anydvd 6082 with clonedvd, and even clonedvd gives me an error saying copy protection error when anydvd is fully functional. But when i put that same disk in my A09, it works. Very weird.

Which SATA drivers are you using?
You may like to try the default MS SATA drivers and see if this cures the problem.

How do i check what sata drivers i’m using?

Also I flashed my drive with 104 firmware but the drive in messed up now. I think it the bootcode changed it to slave. When I try to flash, burn, read from the drive the computer freezes. I’m trying use the dos binflasher but when I enter at the command prompt necflash -scan, it says ‘necflash’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Both the necflash_dos32 file and the bin file are in the folder. Am I doing something wrong?

Try ripping the original first?