Nec3550a drive

Hi there,
I have a NEC 3550a dvd writer and its giving me loads of strife, its a computer i’ve built myself specs are Sempron 2.3, 512 ddr,Asrock K7S41 motherboard. The DVD is set as master on the second IDE output.Cd’s seem to burn OK DVD’s are very hit and miss with verification failing many burns.
A music compilation DVD will sometimes play, other times it registers only one file even though there are dozens there! Trying to install Wanadoo broadband through the installation cd was murder (still getting a hardware error message on start up pointing to the broadband , its not the modem as i have 2 and have 3 Wanadoo cds) Tried to install the daughters MP3 player and couldn’t load all the software from the CD(printer ,camera and other software loaded ok)It seems to be very picky with what it will read/ install from.
To me it seems like a duff drive ,but you people out ther seem to know your stuff.
I’ve checked the cabling and settings and they’re OK
I’ve used 3 3520’s and they will burn on a beermat!
This drive has got me demented any suggestions will be much appreciated
Many thanks in advance

First rule is to use good and recommended media, especially with DVD.

TY and Verbatim are most recommended.

Hi there
Just an update. It turned out it was a duff drive, received a replacement and all is AOK
Thanks for the input