NEC3540A wont write/recognize ALL CD's

I have had this burner since day one. I also have used several of liggy and dee’s firmwares over the years but now I am having a problem with trying to burn CD’s. No matter what program I use ( nero, WMP…so on…) It always sez “please insert blank media” I can burn DVD’s no problem ( I use dvdfab or I data burn AVI files with Nero ) I dont have any issues with burning a DVD but I can not make a music CD. The drive will not recognize any of the several CD’s Ive tried. One brand, Fuji, is a brand I have been using for a few years and I used to be able to burn with these CD’s but no more. Ive tried Maxell, memorex, fuji, sony to say the least.:sad:
I have tried to change the firmware several different times to different firmwares 1W9…1Wa orig…104 orig…121 rpc1. I am not an expert at doing these things by far ( but Liggy and Dee make stuff easy for even me ) and dont understand some things but can anyone help me with this?? Its driving me crazy !!!:eek:
Thank you,

No firmware will help, the cd laser is dead.

First of all thank you for answering my question. I did not know
there is a seperate laser for the CD and the DVD?? I guess I need a new burner…oh well. Thanks again.

You should buy a new writer, fix is not possible.