NEC3540 or Pioneer 110D! Help!

Hi, guys…

i need 6 of those two drives for my duplicator for burn in mass many dvd ,

what of those is the best choice…speed ,durability , writing quality

i will use this media:

-Ritek G04
-Gigastorage GSC 003

Pioneer 110D = $32 to $39
Nec3540 = $27 to $33

Help me guys

I know you don’t want to hear this but I would not choose either drive. They both have problems with immature firmware. I also would not touch any of those discs other than the MCC.

However…if you really have no other choice, I suppose I would take the Pioneer 110D as there is a better chance that the future firmware will improve. NEC has two newer drives and the 3540 just doesn’t seem to get the bugs out.

Is this a serious question??

I think both drives perform good with reliable media.
Most likely a pick and test task with a duplicator.