NEC3540 not exceeding 10x while burning

Hey Guys,

I’ve had an NEC3540 for awhile, love it. I’m currently running Dee’s ND3540 1.WB modified Firmware. I recently formatted, and I noticed something kinda weird. When im burning now, my burns act as normal, but once it hits about 10.3x… it starts spinning down, the the buffer gets a little wobbly. The burn never fails, it just doesnt reach the 16x it use to.

Im using the same Tayio Yuden 16x DVDs i used for the first 80 of the 100 spindle… and now this is happening?

So, I was curious, if anyone might know why my device isnt workin as it should :> Appreciate any info.

Could be that the source drive (HDD?) is not capable of providing the data fast enough. This would be the case if it’s the read buffer fluctuating.
If the source is an IDE drive check that it’s running in the correct DMA mode. Also a defrag might help.

To me looks like the drive is working in PIO mode (DMA off). I had the same problem with my 3540 drive and was sloved when I uninstalled the NVIDIA IDE drivers. I never had problems with the NV drivers with any other drive but the 3540

So i checked DMA, and its set to “DMA if available” on everything on my comp.

Im gonna try defragging tonight, or burning off another drive versus my media drive. Also, those NV IDE drivers… are those auto installed when you install the graphics card drivers, or are they something completely different that i dont have to worry about?

No, nothing to do with the NVIDIA graphic card drivers. They are included in the NVIDIA chipset drivers and because of some compatibility problems, the installer always asks you if you really want to install them.

It’s what’s in the “Current Transfer Mode” that’s important. For HDD should be Ultra DMA mode 5 or 6 & for the NEC Ultra DMA mode 2.

Another thing that may help: what make/model IDE controller does your motherboard use?