NEC3540 + Nero CDSpeed V4.7.0.0

I don’t know what is different in this release of Nero CDSpeed (V4.7.0.0). but I am unable to change the 8ecc testing to 1ecc testing by the reg-hack?

I can start up my older version and it will scan at 1ecc…??

But there are things I noticed about the scanns that I am now getting with this version of CDSpeed(V4.7.0.0).

1> Scanning times are being completed in less clock time? Yet the test speed is the same setting.
2> I no longer get the big spike in my tests at about the 750mb->1.5gb range
3> It is reporting lower 'PIF’s and fewer 'PIE’s but when it reports a ‘PIE’ it is now spiking higher.


The mechanism to set the scanning interval has changed in CDSped

Go to the Disc Quality tab, press the Advanced button, and change the Scanning interval from 8 ECC to 1 ECC and press the OK button.