hi all

i have read pages of stuff but cant find wot im looking for.i have flash my drive with 1.u9 all went well i think i am useing RNM hacked and nero 6 + update for xp sp2 and ritek full surface G05 8x when i try to wright at 12x it starts saying 6min then it takes about 15 to 20min can some one help my dvd reader is a benq 1650t 16x.


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Hi Woz,

I had the same problem (only 1.3 to 1.6X with 1.08u) when I first used my 3250a. After checking at the posts here I found that the problem was with DMA, which was set as β€œoff”. The speed goes to an avrage of 11X after I set it to β€˜On’ with a 8X disc.
Pls check the post around here for how to set DMA in your computer and I believe you will get the solution.

hi all

ok in bios my cd roms are set dma on.
cant change them in windows xp pro sp2.
hard drives are sata both maxtor not on raid.
motherbaord is asus a8n sli.
memmory 1 gig kingston.
cpu 3500+ amd 64
power 480 tagon.
benq 16x dvd read
nec3520a 16x wrighter

i no this machine is ok but cant solve this if someone can point me in the right direction or explane how to correct it ive only put hard ware on just in case some asks.


thnx woz :bow: :bow:

Try using the default Microsoft IDE drivers instead of the NVidia ones.

hi dee

i started with microsoft ones and i read in here somer try updateing ide driver so i did and same problem i have been useing stomp record now max 4.5 for a bit now with a pioneer 1.05 but when i built new system software said max/mid/min so i use the hacked on now i didnt have any probs before but time for change wot a haedache so if some1 has had the same prob and solved it please tell how.


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