NEC3520A Selling on for $64.99 + $4 S&H

It’s the black OEM Model

ordered mine on tuesday and installed it today. :smiley:

I ordered mine from newegg on the 29th and got it on the 31st … it was $69.99 when I got it :frowning: … but oh well was still cheaper than anywhere else. And I bought a 50 pack of RItek/RIDATA DVD-r’s for $20 (which I can burn at 12x with L&D firmware) … so it was win win for me.

I will wait until the price drops. :slight_smile:

I like the games that Newegg is playing. Just paid $66.99 plus $3.00 shipping. Now it is $64.99 plus $4.00 shipping. Somehow that total price shipped of $1.00 cheaper feels so much more inexpensive! :smiley:

The inexorable march of technology…to more affordable prices!

Ordered it on Tuesday, installed it yesterday.

They have been doing that for awhile now… Soon you will see this drive with a few days special with free shipping.

Does sell to Canadians?
Sure would like to get some of the products. :slight_smile:

No. They say “Presently we only deliver within the United States and Puerto Rico.”


Now it’s $62.99

w/o software.

dude, I so beat you:

ordered mine on tuesday when it was $61.99 plus $4 for shipping, should get here tomorrow. waiting to see what Firmware i should install on it.

I hate to say it…

While I love my 3500, If I were to buy a burner right now I would have to go with the benq 1620. I find nec’s lack of error checking support and its less then stellar ripping ability (even with riplock removed) rather annoying. Considering, that the 3520 dosn’t match the write quality of the 3500 I don’t understand the rush to buy them.

Mabey someone can explain this to me. Why would the 3520 use inferior write stratagies…or is the difference in the hardware???

I don’t know about other places, but NewEgg no longer sells the 3500, I cannot find it on their site. It’s very possible NEC didn’t have much of a stockpile.