NEC3520A Help ! Problem!

I just bought my NEC3520A, but have been getting some problems. I’ve wasted about 3 CD’s because of this. The software i use to burn is Nero Version 6 and also the media that i have been using is Maxell DVD+R and Velocity DVD-R.
When i’m burning, the disc would sometimes just stop burning in the middle of the burn session and completely waste the disc. For example, one time it stopped at 3%, another time it stopped at 73%, another time at 25%. I noticed that when this is about to happen, the buffer bar goes all the way down, then goes to 100, than it freezes. I hope i dont have a defective product.

System info? This is a cross post.

well i dont have much of the system info bcuz im at work, but all i can say is it is a amd 1.3 ghz and 256 mb ram… i’m a very big newbie by the way…and one more thing, what is a cross point ?

Your system is marginal for burning and the problem could be a lot of different things. A cross post is posting the same question in two different places. Not a good thing.

sorry about that , but hey, do u think there is a solution to this problem ?

There is a solution to every problem. You have to identify the problem first.

in the first post i there is the problem

You have just posted the symptoms, not the problem. The problem hasn’t been identified yet.

Search for a post yesterday under my ID. It should give you several basic steps to configure the burner.

Did you set the drive to Master or Cable select? Ive heard of ppl having issues with the 3520A when set to master. Do you have the latest official firmware version? 1.04 I believe.