NEC3520A Help! Problem!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I just bought my NEC3520A, but have been getting some problems. I’ve wasted about 3 CD’s because of this. The software i use to burn is Nero Version 6 and also the media that i have been using is Maxell DVD+R and Velocity DVD-R.
When i’m burning, the disc would sometimes just stop burning in the middle of the burn session and completely waste the disc. For example, one time it stopped at 3%, another time it stopped at 73%, another time at 25%. I noticed that when this is about to happen, the buffer bar goes all the way down, then goes to 100, than it freezes. I hope i dont have a defective product.

System info?

Try 4X burn speed and verify that all your drives are running in DMA mode.

do you think it might be an issue with the media that i’m using, bcuz i just called NEC customer support line and they told me that it’s the Media that i’m using…

i used both Velocity DVD-R and and Maxell Dvd+R

Try to completely format several rewritables and check if they can be written.

hmm i was also thinking that maybe i can use an alternative burning software… do u people suggest antyhing besides nero.


Sure sounds like a media problem-

Try using Ritek, Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or Maxell 8x -R media-

They all work very well in both my 3500’s


Which burning program is better ? Roxio or Nero

I use Nero.

This post is a cross post from the Hardware Forum. As I mentioned earlier, you need to provide some more information in order to narrow down the possible cause of your problem. As I remember, you are running an AMD 1.3 Ghz with 256 MB Ram and no info on hard drive, system configuration, etc. When you get home from work, post the necessary info and then you can be helped. Until then it’s a crap shoot.

okay… where do i go to get more information on my stuff…? can i go to nero and do it ?

also… i noticed that whenever i restart the computer and close all programs and burn, it seems to burn fine. just like to add that.

So what is the problem? Why do you want to burn will a bunch of proggies running in the background? More chance for a software conflict.

I picked a hell of a day to quit sniffing glue.

hmm that is true, well i’ll try to burn with minimum software running the backround and hope for the best…and one more thing, i also noticed that some of the movies that i burn have an audio problem. the voices are off, the sound isn’t in synch with the video

Those all sound like problems with too much crap running in the background. Shutdown all unnecessary software apps, and try burning again. I’ll bet you will see a big difference. I have a dell 8400 3.4ghz, 1gb pc400, two sata drives (I always use the secondary drive for temp files/burning), and just out of habit, I shutdown all non-essential tasks, even though I can get good burns without doing that. It’s kind of like unloading the gun before you play with it. It’s just a lot safer!

Need to select the proper audio track. Also reduce the burn speed, use quality made in Japan media, and leave the PC alone when burning.