Nec3520a Burns only at 2x



I just got my new nec 3520a burner. I burn disc with dvd decrypt and it only burns at 2x. My xbox will not read the dvd discs either. I didn’t have this problem with my nec 1100a. Do i need to upgrade firmware? What am i doing wrong?


Its most likely your media, but check that DMA mode is enabled for your IDE controller as well.


I reinstalled my nec 1100a and burned a dvd with it. My xbox will read it fine and this is using the same media. I enabled dma mode so my 3520a burns faster now but xbox is still unable to read it. Any other ideas?


I think this will help you:


So when i flash with new firmware. Which booktype setting do i need to set the drive on?


For the Xbox you’ll need to set the booktype to DVD-ROM.


Can i change the booktype using dvd decrypter? If so where in the program do I go to do this? Thank you all for being patient with me. I just would rather not mess up my dvd drive if I could help it.


Thanks for everyones help. I flashed with modified firmware and it works awesome and dvds now work on my xbox. Thanks for everyones help and especially for the modified firmware it is kick azz.