NEC3520A & BenQ1620



If I put both DVD writers on the same machine, same channel which is it better to have as the master and which as the slave ? or doesn’t it matter with modern machines, windows Xp2 SP2 ?

As I write the NEC is set as the slave and the first transfer test shows a perfect curve starting at 6.54 and ending at 15.68 (4.21 gig) , average 11.76 and time 4.53. So there seems to be no harm in setting the NEC as the slave ?


My Benq is master, NEC slave. No probs and I can’t see there will be any either way round.


Thanks - with both drives being so cheap ( I already have 2 BenQ’s ) I couldn’t resist the temptation to try out the 3520. Its certainly useful for transfer tests. I just didn’t want to mess up the BenQ by having the NEC installed incorrectly.


Thats what I thought - just wanted to test the NEC and so far have been pleased with the results!


I have the same setup as you Harry (Benq as master and 3520 as slave) and haven’t had any problems so far, with around a hundered burns for each drive. I got the NEC as a secondary to my Benq because it burns some lower quality media better. So far I’m pleased with both drives ability to burn quality MIJ media.