NEC3520: Won't install games from CD or burn CDs

My NEC 3520 doesn’t seem to want to burn CDs for me (I’ve tried multiple media types) or even install games from CD even if they’re retail versions. During install files eventually just stop being read and the drive spins down, this occured in my old 2510 aswell. Am I doing something wrong here?

Some DVD-RW drives have problems reading certain copy protected discs, although i don’t think this is your problem as you state you can’t burn a CDR. It could be you have a faulty drive. If this is the case, you will need to return it for repair or replacement.

If both drives have problem reading factory CDs, then you may have a hardware issue (IDE cable, IDE controller on the motherboard) or software issue (windows). Move the optical drive to the primary IDE channel may help. The same with formatting/reloading windows.

I swapped the 3520 onto the same system/cable I had a liteon CD writer on, which burned CDs perfectly. Does this rule out the other components in your opinions?

I managed to find a CD I had burned which the drive would actually read, but the nero test doesn’t look too hot:

my 3520 problem is slow reading Video CD (8x only) but it’s normally fast for all the data cds.
Have you tried your burner on other system?

oh my god I could install it in my gf’s comp to rule out my own system as the problem. I’m such an idiot!

I’ll post an update after I’ve tested that :bow:

I tried the burner in another system and it had the same problems reading both burned and retail CDs. Is this something which occurs in the 3520A or should I RMA the drive?

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Does no one else own a 3250? If you do, do you also find there to be problems reading and burning cds with it? Please respond so I can either RMA my (defective?) drive or start looking for a firewire enclosure for my liteon cd writer.

RMA the drive.