NEC3520 Stock Firmware Differences

Hi, @ ScorpioSoft’s firmware web there are 7 different stock 1.04 firmwares, what is the difference between them ? I cannot see any difference with 4th and 7th… How can I know what revision Is my firmware ? Should I update it to 7th :confused:


The Seventh Version of 1.04 is the latest 1.04-


Yes, I know that, but how can I check witch revision is the firmware of my drive ? I can dump the firmware buy I need some software to read the revision or something… Why NEC release different revisions of the same firmware instead of releasing new firmwares :confused:

If you look closelly you can see that all of the 7 v1.04 firmwares have a different release date. Also in most cases the write strategy is diffrent.
If you want the most out of your 3520 drive pick the Liggy/Dee 1.U6 firmware.

Yo ScorpioSoft-

This person may not want to use modded firmware in case of possible RMA - so “Official” would be best for them-

BTW - with seven revisions of one firmware - there is no way to tell which one you have - I would just put on the 7th revision - then YOU know what the revision is-


You can always dump the firmware with BinFlash… and check the release date with NecDump.

Thank you all, NecDump is a great tool :). I want to try first with official firmware and may be later try a modded one, although I´ll use MCC003 and I think in this case I get no better quality with a modded firmware, right?



Using MCC 003 will probably give you a great burn on any burner with any firmware IMO


Is there any stock firmware to make my NEC 3520A as region free (RPC1)? or do I need to flash with Liggy/Dee 1.U6 firmware? I’ll be using mostly DVD-R medias.


jtambi, if you don’t mind flashing your drive with modified firmware, try Liggy/Dee 1.U6. Otherwise go to my firmware page and search for the 3520R1F3.rar firmware (RPC1 and Riplock Removed) from TDB.
I you only wants RPC1 please send me a PM with you e-mail address.

is this TDB 3520R1F3.rar is an official FW to make driva as RPC1?

You got a PM with a download address.

I was just reading threads and find this one. Whera could I find a modified FW for nec 3520 only for RPC 1 (the closer the original FW, the better)


Well… if you flash with a RPC1 firmware or with additionally modded firmware it doesn’t matter. In both cases you crossed the boundary and loose the warranty.

I know. The idea is not to keep the warranty but not to modify the riplock. In my experience, it made the drive noisier and I’m quite comfortable with the present rip speed.
Do you know if such fw exists?

In dee package there are allways 2 version quiet and the other:)Use quiet and there is riplock

You can still use Nero DriveSpeed to slow down your drive if and when you want.