NEC3520 Disc Scratching Problem

I am having a problem with my NEC that I only noticed just now. Whenever I use CD-DVD Speed, the disc comes out scratched. I found a similar problem here: but I don’t think anyone quite reached a conclusion.

I am using L&D’s firmware 3.06 and whereas before it seemed that the scratches only occured when running PI-PF scans, now they seem to occur even when I use Nero to burn a disc (I hadn’t used Nero in months so I just discovered this problem with Nero today). When I use DVDDecrypter to burn, I do not have these problems. The scratches (about 1cm long) don’t run in an arc, but rather from the outer part of the disc inward and they only seem to appear at the edges of the disc.

I noticed this problem only recently because before I never inspected the underside of the disc for scratches after I was finished with it. I would just put it back into its sleeve. As an experiment, I take a disc that I just burned whose underside is flawless and run it through CD-DVD Speed and sure enough it comes out scratched.

The media that I am using is the value pack TYG02, but this happens even with Fujifilm YUDEN000 T02, or TDK’s TTG02. Would this be a problem with the firmware? Would reverting to the stock NEC firmware fix the solution? And is this problem even cause for an RMA? I understand that by flashing my drive I essentially voided the warranty but I’m wondering if this problem was inherent in the stock firmware as well.

Thanks for reading this long post and I anxiously await suggestions. Thanks.

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If the disc is being scratched in the drive, then this is a mechanical defect in the drive, or the media is very warped.