NEC3520 Best Media Of This Two?



Which of these two is better for this drive?





Both are good medias for this drive-

The Verbatim is the more superior of the two IMO-



I agree with what bigmike7 says go for verbatim it is better than ritek…


And yet a third vote for Verbatim, although the Ritek happens to work very well for NEC if you don’t relish the thought of A THIRTY DOLLAR REBATE!!! Give me a break Verbatim.


Is the Ritek 4x media which is Ricoh branded better than the Ritek RO3 8x? I see that with the 1.U6, it can burn up to 12x instead of the limit for Ritek RO3 of 8x. And I did notice you guys said Verbatim is better and I agree, but money wise, yeah Verbatim $30 rebate, give me a break! I don’t want to wait 90 days to get $30 bucks back.



It is not clear which media you are referring to but the Ritek 4X +R 100 stack from newegg is either the R03 back when it was having problems with good 8X burns or it is the Ricoh. I ordered a few and never got the Ricoh, only the R03 which burned fine on my 3500 but not on many other drives. There really is no difference between this and the 8X, just the label. The Ricoh is better but don’t count on getting it.

At least the rebate from Verbatim works most of the time. Mine is in process and valid so I have passed the first hurdle.


So you’re saying that the ricoh branded disks are better than the Ritek RO3? Do you know what brands still use Ricoh in thier 100 pack? I remember that Memorex used to, do they still?