Nec3500's crazy buffer levels..?

Just wondering (to put my mind at rest :)) about that buffer level jumping up and down scenario when burning, is it a fault or not? Some peeps seem to have it and others don’t and I’ve read here saying that it normal with this drive. From my experience it happens in some cases and other times it doesn’t :confused: . Thx in advance!

normal when changing speeds, run a cdspeed3 write test to make sure your not getting slowdowns.

Its the running OPC system kicking in and the parts where it ramps up for the next speed zone. If it needs to constantly adjust the burn power and like that it’s more jumpy a bit.
Like Jamos says do a test burn in cd/dvd speed and check out the graphs you get, then you’ll know if it’s a normal burn and the speed or a problem.
Look at the graphs from a BenQ 1620 sometime and I think you’ll feel much better :wink: and my 1620 also does fast excellent burns too.

To round it up. Here is a recent post by Wes with link and a good pic.