NEC3500AG w/ Verbatim DL ERROR

I just wasted a Verbatim DL Disk attempting to burn a disk, DISK CALIBRATION ERROR… I’ve been looking for an answer but haven’t found anything definitive. I don’t want to try again, unless I can get some confidence in a solution. I’ve been burning SL for many months without this problem. I’m using Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.8. 4.0 Fails before it even begins.

EDIT: this is my first attempt with a DL disk… I’ve burned over 200 SL disks with this drive.

LoL, what’s wrong with you? Why you waste a $5 blank DL disc on a stupid nero test?

If you look closely, he was burning a nero image…

Now who is looking stupid? :wink:

Showing more respect for other people who post would be appreciated. :cop:

Take a look at the screenshot closely and recall that CD-DVD Speed has the option to write a disc image instead of filler data.

Edit: Beat by a few seconds…

oops, my mistake.

Since this was my first attempt at a DL burn, I wanted to check for quality… I didn’t expect it to fail. In the end, I did waste a disk, and I’m hoping to figure out why.

Maybe it’s the program…

Did you burn this medium at its rated speed? Although 4x is supposed to work on 2,4x rated Verbatim DLs, I would burn these expensive media only at their rated speed.

To burn images, (ISO), DVDDecryptor is the ticket. Accept no substitutes.
And leave the layer break where it is if you’re burning an image of a DL disc.

Also, of course, use Decryptor to make the image.

After having burned a coaster already… I’m leery about trying another.
Even tho this media is officially rated for 2.4x, on the box it actually says recommended for 5x drives.

I did set it for 4x… Not sure if I’m willing to risk another bad burn… I wish the calibration issue was more definitive…

Haha, me too. I’ve just had an ugly burn at 2.4x on my first one. I am not sure about trying a second one at 4x.

In this thread codeking burned verbatim discs @8x :eek:

Maybe a bad bunch of media?

About 2 weeks ago, I burned 3 of the 2.4x MKM001 discs on the 3500 using 2.TD @ 4x CLV and CopyToDVD, and they all turned out fine on three standalone players (one of them being the Sony DVPS7000 w/switches). It actually did a better job on the first try than the (LG) 4163B. Reading about the advice from others, I didn’t use Nero at all.

The burn failed at the layer break, which is a known issue with older Nero versions. Anyway, I’ve never seen Decryptor fail yet here. I can only say that I wouldn’t trust a DL disc to burning with CDSpeed.

My god!! :eek: 4x burn is no better than 2.4x. Why did the review said it’s a good DL burner?? Is there such a thing as a bad batch of verbatim DL dvd+R?

Yes. And there is also such a thing as a bad drive.

Check both, return the broken unit(s) for replacements…

That burn should look a hell of alot better than that. Also, for some odd reason flashing the firmware twice seems to make things better, try that too.

it burns perfect tyg01 and ty02s though…