Nec3500ag slow write?

Hey, I recently got some new dvd-rs after using some bulkpaq orange 4x for a while and burning them in around 14mins (4gb files)

I then purchased some datawrite dvd-r printable surface cmc ae3 i believe. Now I use nero 6 ultra edition, and it says it will take about 7minutes to copy the dvd, but it takes 9.30 to burn it.

I’ve tried this on both firmware 2.16 and i just updated to the official 2.18 firmware for my drive.

The burns are fine, and the discs aren’t scratched when they come out either.

So is it media or drive? Or s/w?

It’s only Nero fooling you… :wink:

If you have CMC MAG AE3, then the burntime around 9:30 is as expected.

Happy burning. :slight_smile: