Nec3500AG has arrived

Lo i just recieved and installed my 3500AG nec drive , firmware revision is 2.16 , and drive was bourne in august 2004, will try to get some scans sorted later on .

drive seems v quiet at 8x btw , dont have any other media than datawrite fuji 8x at the mo…

Scan have it on Today Only at £69.03 inc. VAT and carriage in the UK…

What’s the lowest price in Europe excluding shipping and tax?

i paid about 64 pounds for mine of

will say one thing reading quality is fairly garbage but then nec isnt the best at reading ne way…

I have seen it here in Germany for 76,- EUR (£ 49 / $ 89) excl. tax.

Just received my ND-3500 as well :smiley:
Will post more info when i get home from work.

Mines was £52 Plus VAT at 17.5%