Nec3500ag and dvd decrypter

I’m having a small problem with dvd decrypter, or the 3500, or firmware I think. Not sure which though. Using newest version decrypter, DMA is enabled.

I’m using Fujifilm yuden000t02 (+ discs) and tyg01 (- discs). With the -discs, I can burn at 8x no problem. BUT the +discs, it won’t let me burn above 4x. Same problem using aspi 4.60 or the spti drivers.

It does this with the 2f9 and the brand new 2.18tdb that came out today. I only burned a couple discs at 4x with original 2.16 fw before I reflashed my drive, so I don’t know if it would have same problem. And I don’t really want to flash back to 2.16 to find out.

Whether burning the -discs OR +discs attempting 8x, I get the same messages in the decrypter log. Two exclamation lines. First says that “8x writing speed is selected”. Next line says “actual writing speed 4x”. Like I said, SAME message with the -discs, but it lets it burn 8x anyway. :confused: The +discs though, it really does only burn at 4x, as the log states.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be? :confused: I am bitsetting the +discs to dvd-rom, does that have anything to do with write speed?? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Happened to me also with my first +R disc 8x rated and burn went 4x unstead 8x using latest NERO.
But next burn went well at 8x and so far 8x with same media.
Maybe nec is trying first strategy at lower speed and if everything ok than speeds up.
Check book type?