NEC3500A takes a long time to open tray

I recently got a new 3500a.

It sometimes does not want to open, as if trying to read a bad disk, with
the drive light on and the HDD light one th case on also. It takes a few minutes before the tray opens.

It usually happens after burning a dvd and closing the tray again.

The only solution is to do about 4-5 on-off cycles of the PC.

I upgraded to the 2.18 FW but still the same symptoms.

Even if I do not connect the IDE cable, only the power connector is connected, sometimes it still does not want to open. The main symptom is that the drive light stays on, when this ahppens, the drive is stuck again.

Anybody experienced this before?

Sounds like a bad drive to me!

The obvious test is to try it in another machine if possible, that will prove it’s either your machine or the drive!

But it does sound like a bad drive if it’s slow to eject with only the power cable plugged in! Better get ready to contact the place where you bought it and take it back (if possible) for them to test or ask for it to be RMA’d!

Oh s**t! I was afraid of that. I don’t know if I could even return this since I just asked a friend to buy it for me from Hongkong (I’m in the Philippines)

I’ll transfer it to another machine first. [crossfingers]

I would try with another burning app (or update) and other discs first.

Try original, pressed media. It could be caused by bad media.

the problem occurs when I close the tray without any media in it. The light does not turn off and when I press the eject button, it takes about 2 minutes to open. What annoys me is that it is intermittent, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

If your drive’s powered on, one of the things it does is check for a disc. It also does this when you close the tray. It seems there’s something wrong with the media recognition, I guess the drive’s thinking there’s a disc inserted, but can’t detect it. I think the only workaround is to make sure there’s always a disc inserted in the drive.

If the drive refuses to open, you could use the emergency eject hole, insert a disc and close the tray. Once the tray is closed, the drive will probably behave as normal.

But my advice: make sure the 2.18 you flashed is original NEC stock firmware, and RMA it. I’m afraid the drive’s defective and it’s something that shouldn’t be repaired by normal users.