NEC3500a Riplock removal not working



I have a NEC 3500a and I installed Liggy & Dee’s 1.4 firmware yesterday. Previously I had been ripping VERY slow 2.7MB/s and I installed the new firmware restarted and I ripped a single layer disc at 8MB/s. I was very happy with that. I popped in a dual layer disc today(i have restarted since yesterday) and it ripped very slow again 2.7MB/s and I tried a single layer disc as well and it also ripped slow. What happened to my fast speeds. I checked my device manager on my secondary IDE channel which my drive is on it says Ultra DMA 2, so I dont think that is the problem. If you need any additional information just tell me what you need and I will post it. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Just some additional info
In DVD shrink the disk opens at 2.7MB/s in my computer.
In DVD shrink the disk reaches 4.1MB/s in my roomates Dell.


You already posted this question in firmware.


i wasnt sure where it should go because it deals with firmware and also an NEC drive


Try to flash the f/w you previously installed one again reboot your computer and try to burn and post the result after.


or do you think i should try the new beta ones from liggy?