NEC3500A Read speed

I just created my first backup of a movie (I Robot) with DVDShrink on my NEC 3500 (with the latest Liggy firmwares). It worked fine taking less time than I had ‘planned’. The copy plays fine and sounds fine, and I actually like it better because I just ReAuthored only the movie itself.

I do, however, notice that when the copy is playing in my computer the DVD drive itself seems to be spinning faster (and thus making more noise) than when playing the original disk. My question, is this normal???

BTW - when the disk was burned it did so on a WalMart cheepie Memorex 8x DVD-R (media code=CMC MAG. AE1). Could that be it???

the drive is Riplocked for prerecorded dvd-video. it is not locked for burnt. it is also slower on DL discs vs SL discs. you can use dvd speed to lock it in at 2x to make sure it runs slowly enough to be quiet

Thanks… I really appreciate all the knowledgable folks on this forum. Even at 1:00 am on Sunday Morning. :slight_smile:

It’s almost sunday 11:00 am around here :stuck_out_tongue: