NEC3500A only allows 16x CD burn

Hi, All. Seems my NEC3500 drive all of a sudden will only let me burn CD’s at 16x. Same problem in both Nero ( and Alcohol 1.9.2. I’m using TDB’s Mad Dog 2.F8 firmware (it’s worked at 48x with this firmware).

Anyone seen this happen to them? Recent changes to my system have been upgrading Nero and Alcohol to the latest versions, as I needed dvd9 iso support in Nero. I suspect one or the other installed some kind of control file that’s now limiting my burn speed.


Try a different brand of cd-r… I can only get 16x cd-r with my GQ 52X cd-r (MID is Leaddata) I bought from fry’s.

You’re dead right - just crappy media (though printed with a big, shiny “52x” label). At least it made me try out Herrie’s latest firmware :slight_smile:


My TDK (Ritek’s) burn just fine at 48x on both my 3500’s w/Herries 2.17-

Gotta be the media-