NEC3500 with 4xDL!

very great!NEC speed up!

Maybe, but I don’t trust some unknown French website without a link to a more reliable source.

I wouldn’t be surprised, the word is the new Pioneer A08 has the new NEC chipset, the spec in that link is very similar to the A08, both in functions and write speed.

Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Well… does the name scheme suggest 3100 and 3500 have the same hardware?

Also… if this one works the same way with A08, no one will feel like to call it a 16x writer. :frowning: I hope this is not the last DVDRW NEC produce. :slight_smile:

Also… if this one works the same way with A08, no one will feel like to call it a 16x writer. :frowning:

Well the FCC manual specifies CAV technology for 16x DVD+R unlike the A08’s crappy ZCLV so hopefully not.

Thanks for the info. The letter was quite cool! :slight_smile:

I thought pioneer’s weird 16x writing was due to the limit of NEC chipset. If not… why did they do so? :frowning:

I hope 3500 is good enough to rule in the DVDRW world. But… also hope NEC provides quality test function to reduce our burden of buying another burner.

Interesting spec :bow:
Apparently the retail version goes on sale in August

Press release here

Dust protected enclosure
Emergency eject
IDE/ATAPI interface with UltraDMA 33 (max. 33 MByte/sec transfer rate)
Internal 12/8cm CD and DVD drive (half form factor)
Read Speed: 16x max. DVD-ROM and 48x max. CD-ROM
Tray load mechanism supporting horizontal and vertical use
Write Speed: DVD+R: 16 max., DVD+RW: 4x max., DVD+R9: 4x,. DVD-R: 16x max,. DVD-RW: 4x. CD-R: 48x max,. CD-RW: 24x max.
Access Time (CD): 120 ms
Access Time (DVD): 140 ms
Audio: Digital-out and line-out at the back (MPC compatible)
Burst Transfer Rate: PIO mode 4/Ultra DMA 33
Cache: 2MByte
Compatibility: MPC level 3, Multi Read, PC2001
Dimensions (HxWxD): 148mm x 42mm x 190mm
Interface: IDE/ATAPI
Mechanism: motorized tray load mechanism for horizontal and vertical use
Media/Mode Supported: DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD0+R, DVD+R9, DVD+RW, DVD-Video, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-Audio, CD Extra, CD Text, CD-I Ready, CD-Bridge, Photo-CD, Video-CD, Hybrid-CD
Transfer Rate Read CD: 48x CAV (max7200 kByte/s)
Transfer Rate Read DVD: 16x CAV (max 22000 kBytes)
[B]Transfer Rate Write +R (DVD): 16x CAV (max 22000 kByte/s)

Transfer Rate Write +R9 (DVD): 4x CLV (5500 kByte/s[/B])
Transfer Rate Write +RW (CD): ./.
Transfer Rate Write -R (CD): 48x CAV (max. 7200 kByte/s)
Transfer Rate Write -R (DVD): 16x CAV (max22000 kByte/s) Transfer Rate Write -RW (DVD): 4x CLV (5500 kByte/s)
Trasfer Rate Write -RW (CD): 24x ZCLV (max 3600kByte/s)
Weight: 1.0kg
Writing Methods: DAO (disc at once), SAO (session at once), TAO (track at once) with zero gap, variable or fixed packet, multisession

OK, this looks like it’s gonna be a WINNER with 16x FULL CAV write strategies for -R and +R! Hopefully NEC will work hard with the new write strategies to deliver the burn quality associated with the brand name!


Ditto that, and better reading performance would be nice, i’d like to see more support for more DL media as well, hopefully Ritek will be included :slight_smile:

i went to Office Depot today and was surprised to see a Digital Research 16x DVD±RW Dual Layer there. wonder if it’s just a rebadged NEC.

no its benq 1600

Since this model will be also released as a retail version, I’m guessing NEC should have much better firmware support for it versus 2500A/2510A. I’m glad I waited to pickup my 2nd dvd-writer as this NEC is worth the wait with the 16X +/-R write speed plus 4X DL!!!

I wonder what DVD-R media I have to use for 16x CAV DVD-R burning. :slight_smile:

TY would be a safe bet

Now if NEC only would add full bitsetting support for all plus formats (and not only DVD+R DL) this looks like a winner.

Well… too early to announce a winner.

We still have yet to see the quality of burning. The extension of 2500A quality is not automatically guaranteed. Besides this…

  1. A fast burning (by saying 16 CAV, this seems to be fulfilled. But number of media at fast speed is still an issue.)
  2. Bitsetting (I don’t understand why they don’t support this in their product, they don’t have any reason to support -R or RAM more than +R.)
  3. Error report
  4. Good reading

All will be checked from the moment it’s available. Until then, nobody is the king!!

With a firmware hack could the NEC2500/NEC2510 write DVD+R9 @ 4x or 8x?

DVD+R DL written @4X has been attempted with hacked firmware.
The result is a disc that burns 100% but is either not readable at all or has major readability problems across most drives.

NEC 2500A/2510A were available as retail packages in Europe.
The NEC 3500A having a retail package will have nothing to do with the frequency of the firmware updates IMO.

Doh! I thought that was the original reason why NEC gave very poor support for the 2500A. In that case then hopefully Herrie can pull off some magic with this new NEC drive.

Although DL media and high speed +/-R media will be very scarce at first, they’ll be available in due time. I have high hopes for the NEC 16x writer over all the ones that have been announced thus far from LiteOn & BenQ, etc.

Have high hopes and yet so soon after the 2510!?

Hopefully is 16x CAV, and burn quality plus media support is good/improved.

In Europe (well the UK) only the 2500 is available in retail packaging, the 2510 is still OEM only.