NEC3500.. strange speeds?




My new NEC3500 shows some strange behaviour…
Added Screenshots below.
It only wants to burn my Memorex 52x CD-Rs with 16x but thats not the Problem i can live with that but why the hell is the drive ony able to read ALL burnt Data CD-Rs with 8x Speed?? IS there a speedhack for that available?
I tried Dees Firmware and some other all with the same result!



i believe the graph illustrated in the “nero cd-dvd speed” window is the read speed, not the write speed.
When you burn it, what speed does it actually burn at?


gatto, was the CD you tested above a VCD or an SVCD? The 3500 reads VCDs and SVCDs at a constant 8x speed. Regular data CDs are read starting at 21x and ending at 48x.



Yes it was an VCD…
Is there a way or a firmware to get rid of that lock??
I wanted to throw away my old ASUS CD-Rom but this way I’ll have to keep it…
If there is no way to get rid of this speedlock which CD/DVD-Rom can i buy without ANY speedlock?? Toshiba 1912 sucks because that reads as slow as the NEC… I head the AOpen 1648 is the best one for everything (CD-ROM/DVD-R/+R/-RW/+RW…)
Is that correct??



What I’ve heard about AOpen 1648 I think you can’t miss if you choose this one.



I have the Aopen 1648/aap and Nec 3500 combo and it works great!!