NEC3500 Slow burn speeds

I have an NEC 3500 ag with 8x ridata disks. They will only burn at 4x. what can I do to fix this? I bought them from Newegg because they were cheap and in the reviews cdfreaks said there was a way to fix this drive with firm ware. Any help?

The big NEC FAQ -

Start by finding out what firmware your NEC has and then flash to the latest official version. Your disks should be good by then. Always good to post the disk ID’s when asking questins like this btw. See the FAQ for both firmware flashing and ID’ing disks.


What is the media code ? (you can have it using DVDIdentifier).
What about your current firmware version ?

For sure, your firmware version limits the writing speed on this particluar type of media to 4x. What you can do to overcome this limit :

  • Find an updated firmware (more or less easy depending on your current firmware version)
  • Use an unofficial fw version, assuming they implement increased writing speed with this mediacode (search this forum to find unofficial firmwares for your writer)

CAUTION : unofficial fw voids your warranty, use at your own risk (generally low risk, see the comments in the corresponding threads)

Edit : oops, s_reynisson answered while typing !

The DVD+R code is Ritek R03, They only show up as 4.0x-2.4x supported. The label say’s Ridata 8x. The NEC-3500AG shows 2.16 Firmware. Region code 1,Region control RPC11???

If it’s just the disks, I’d rather not flash my drive unless I know it will fix the problem. I only bought the disks to save money. I usually use Maxell 002, but, even they have slowed to 6x since I got Nero Any help?

Well, from reading Quikee’s page it looks like flashing will not fix this, see
btw, there’s a new version of Nero.

Nevermind, flashed with nec 2.18. Burns them at 8x now. Cut 6 minutes off my processing time. :slight_smile:

Can some one explain this for me?
“RITEK R03 Rev.1 (8x)” is reported as 4x for Nec 2.18 Speed, V2 Standard and V2 Extreme. Wha0t am I missing here? (ledsled claims to have flashed with Nec 2.18 and burns at 8x)

I used the nero info tool before the flash and it only recognized the disk @ 4x-2.4x. After I went to NEC and dowloaded and flashed. Used same nero info tool and it recognized (exact) same disk as 8.0x-6.0x-4.0x-2.4x.

Are you saying something is amiss? :bow: How can I find out what they are really doing?

Sorry, should have also said I used DVD shrink

@ledsled, you’re in the clear here :wink:
It’s me who must be missing something on Quikee’s page :sad: