Nec3500 & ritek

does anyone else have this prob any ritek either 8x or 4x the device buffer does down to %7 then back upto 100 about 4 or five times every burn on a disc is this normal tried diff firmwares tried usual stuff ?

Don´t worry, all NEC-3500 owners have the same pleasent “problem” on every media. :wink:

This behaviour is normal. Search for WOPC and/or AOPC.

even with verbatims ?


IMO it must be built into the firmware code - 'cause it does it on all media I have used including TY, Ritek and Prodisc (YUCK!)-


From NEC;
Active OPC constantly monitors the sensitivity of the media and adjusts the laser strength to achieve the best possible results. It does this by analysing the reflection from the media’s surface.