NEC3500 - Problem with reading speed



I have never so far had a nice curve in the NERO CD-DVD speed test.
All my tests look like that


jko, the link is to your own hd drive. Please make it available on the Internet.


Yes . I know now thank you . But I don’t have a page in the internet.
Anyway both the green and the yellow line in the NeroCD-DVDspeed test get “dizzy” after the 3.5GB spot and the reading speed never gets better than 14.75x . I use 2.FC firmware . Is something wrong ?
Up to that point everything goes smooth.


yes, but unless we see a graph and know what media your using we can`t help.
use the advanced tab then manage attatchments to up load the image.


Use for free image hosting, they even create the correct types of image links you need to paste into your posts :slight_smile:


I hope this will work.
This is a SONY D11.


WOW it works. Thank you all.
And this is a TY01.


Did you use the recommended write speed? Since it’s happening with both media, I have to suspect that your hard drive cannot deliver sufficient data at higher speed, or your CPU is running close to 100% during the burn.

Also try another source DVD when making your backup.


Yes I used the recommended speed.
But what has that to do? Isn’t this test showing the reading speed ? The writing speed was at 8X (for SONY) . At 8X the drive works well as seen on the graphs.
If it is not a good burn anyway is it possible to have problems regarding the duration in time of my backups?


What is your burn time at 8X? Also the CPU load? Reduce your burn time to 4X and note the CPU load. Retest.


OK Thanks. I’ll try.


You don’t have to have your own page in Internet, just save you graph in npg format save in your desktop then in reply window here in this forum click on manage attachments click brows have your save graph from your desktop highlighted click upload and you have your graph displayed here for viewing.


Thank you all
The graphs you are seeing are from CD-DVDspeed READING test.
Does this mean that the WRITE procedure also had problems ?


I have tried the same discs on another PC with a NEC3500 and the results were very good . So the disc was OK I suppose .
I have also tried to do the Nero CD-DVD speed test with a pressed DVD-5 and the results were very bad again (like the first ones I uploaded).
Why my NEC can’t read above the 14.75X ? Can someone help ?


It’s probably a marginal drive. I’m not sure if the latest Mad Dog firmware will help…still free to try.

To be sure, move your 3500 to the PC with the good read speed and retest.