NEC3500 PI/PIF Scanning? What happened?

It is apparent that Mad Dog is not going to release the PI/PIF scanning firmware for the NEC3500. I was just curious as to whether any of the folks that received the beta version and tested with it, could share their opinions of how it worked or didn’t work.

I think because of all the foolishness this subject caused (including me) this has become a taboo subject.:frowning:

emperor over at CDRInfo posted a NEC 3500 vs 3520A PI/PIF Scanning… thread comparing the unreleased 3500 2.R8 with several of the then available 3520 firmware back in April.

It works the same way as the ND-3520 or ND-3540. :slight_smile:

Good question my opinion is they pulled it so people would buy the newer NEC drives now out…
Unless they had problems with it there could be no other explanation…
It all equals poor customer service IMO

i think this threat will be clouse as all other threats before…
i think there will be no release of a scanning FW…too bad but true

Why seems like a reasonable question to me at least we now know it works…

ask nec :wink:

I personally think we should harass NEC until they’re ANNOYED into releasing it, but nobody seems to be up for that. I dunno why people aren’t as P!$$3D about that as I am, it seems they just want to sell 3540s! Well screw that, I’d rather have all the firmware tweaks the 3500 has! It won’t cost them a dang PENNY extra (actual cost of firmware) to release this firmare VS any other. I could see them just dropping support all together for it, but instead they release another firmware without scanning! That’s what really got me, they have a working scanning firmware, they could have JUST AS EASILY RELEASED THAT with all the new stuff, but NO, nobody would “upgrade” from a 3500a to their new drives if they did that!!! It’s GREED, plain and simple, and people can make all kinds of BS excuses, but there is no excuse to release another firmware WITHOUT error scanning, when it wouldn’t cost them a thing except sales of new drives to do so! So, people sit there and say “it didn’t have that feature when you bought it, what are you mad about???” ! Well, if you don’t see anything wrong with what they did, that sure does say a lot about the type of person you are. I just can’t beleive that people think greedy, lame attempts to hose the people that buy their products into buying another one to gain a feature that wouldn’t cost a dang thing except sales of new products to implement, is just plain WRONG! They went through the trouble to make the firmware in the first place, so it’s not like they have to pay somebody to make it! They put another firmware up for download SINCE we’ve known about the scanning firmware, so it’s not an issue with not wanting to release another firmware. It’s an issue with the new drives not selling as well as they like (because they’re not as good)! I think that’s a LAME, GREEDY, BUNGHOLE :a :a :a thing to do to their customers that allready PAYED for their products! It’s not a matter of them ONLY caring about OEM sales, or they would have released it. The ONLY reason to not release it is to sell NEW drives. As for nobody else being P!$$3D about it, well your complacency is your business, I’m not going to tell anybody the way they should feel. Your values, your reactions, and your background are different (obviously). So, I think it’s a RIPOFF to not release it, if you think that’s OK, whatever. :rolleyes:

Now to start a timer on how long it takes this thread to be closed :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :disagree: .

i say in the next 12 hours :wink:

but what you said is soo true :wink:

@Deer Slayer:

I sympathize with your frustration, but maybe you should count to ten and cool down a bit. Is a missing scanning feature in your DVD burner really worth all that emotion? :slight_smile:

Many people seem to think that the only explanation for NEC not releasing a PIE/PIF scanning firmware for the 3500 is that they are evil greedy bastards who want to force you to upgrade to a 3540.

I offer another explanation for why they are not releasing the firmware. Maybe they think that if people started using their 3500s for scanning, people would see a lot more PIE/PIF on the disc compared to scanning with e.g. a LiteOn drive or compared to simple Read Transfer tests, and people would erroneously think that the 3500 writing quality was worse than competing drives. And then some people would stop buying NEC drives and start buying something else.

The explanation could also be something else entirely.

Personally I have made peace with the fact that I don’t think we will ever see a PIE/PIF scanning firmware release from NEC. Not that I wouldn’t welcome one.

Oh, and if you think that says something bad about the type of person I am, then you really need to cool down. :wink:

Nobody knows what happend, it’s just not heard of anymore…

I’m pretty sure NEC had their reasons for not releasing the firmware, there could have been bugs with it or the compatability wasn’t giving them the assurance they needed to release it. If anyone can really comment on the performance of this “2.R8” firmware is those who were given an evaluation copy to return feedback to NEC.

NEC must be seeing this in a time and marketing point of view. One example would be, they have too much to focus on to really pay attention to firmware on one of their older models… For instance they released the 3520, 3540, and more models on the way that they need time to work on. There might be a chance of a future release, on probably an OEM rebadge firmware or official, but from the looks of it now that will take some time.

I for one don’t really care much for the firmware as I try to keep my eye out on newer DVD writers, don’t get me wrong I was completely thrilled when I heard that NEC was releasing a firmware capable of PIE/PIF scanning. But now that interest has faded as most of the writers that I own are capable of that feature… and I’m pretty sure that as time progresses most if not all writers will be capable of this scaning feature. The way I see it by the time the firmware is available most drives will be used up to the point where the scanning will not be as accurate like if the drive was new.

The NEC ND-3500AG is one of my best DVD writers, it has been through a lot and has never disappionted me. The drive lives up to all the hype and is one smart buy, if you can get your hands on one do… of course there are plenty of writers to choose from but only so many actually perform well and the 3500AG is one of them. I will be shelving my NEC ND-3500AG soon as I see no need to have it in my PC anymore I have enough DVD writing units to replace it, although they’ll never replace it’s performance as it takes all of them to do what one drive did in quality =). I also want to shelf it because it is a true top notch DVD writing classic that I am ever so happy to own. :bigsmile:

Well, first of all, the “feature” is NOT what I’m angry about. OK, fine, the drive won’t support error scanning, but that’s NOT the case!!! They made the firmware, the drive scans THE SAME as the other NEC models, and they CHOSE to never release it. That’s what I’m amd about. It would be one thing IF the firmware didn’t exist, or didn’t work right, but it WORKS GREAT, and does exist! Seen as how the 3500 is OUT OF PRODUCTION, it has no competition. IF the scans showed inferior burns, they would have NOTHING to lose by this, because people would want a new drive. It would encourage people to buy a new DVD burner. I think it would CONFIRM the 3500a is an EXCELLENT burner, and they don’t want the new drives to look bad!!! So, they keep the firmware under wraps, and HOSE all the 3500 owners. Again, what really P!$$3$ ME OFF is the fact they released ANOTHER firmware AFTER the scanning firmware was CONFIRMED to exist!!!

I would be happy to put this to rest IF there was a GOOD REASON to not release the firmware (other than what I’ve stated above). All they’d have to do is either release the firmware, or give a GOOD reason to keep it under wraps, and I’d stop this. :rolleyes:

As for my opinion of the type of person you are, you seem to want the scanning firmware, you don’t like the fact that you don’t have it, but you GAVE UP! What kind of a conclusion do you expect from that??? Certainly not BAD. You just swallow all the BS that’s floating around about WHY it wasn’t released. It certainly doesn’t make me think ANYTHING bad of you WHATSOEVER!

I’m just giving NEC a hard time for beeing a typical greedy sheister coorporation!!! They deserve it, and if I rip on them enough, maybe they’ll be SHAMED into releasing the firmware. :flower:

PI/PIF scanning isn’t really that important to me anymore either, I’ve got a new DVD-ROM that will scan @ 4x with Kprobe, and give reasonable, but not completely accurate results. I know the 3500a is a GREAT burner, it’s just there’s a feature it could have, but DOESN’T because of GREED. That’s why I’m P!$$3D, and that’s why I won’t let it go!!! I just wish every time this got started the thread wouldn’t get closed so people could actually VOICE their opinions of this. NEC might see that people are annoyed, and other people might see that NEC has made a lot of people angry, and NEC MIGHT just do the right thing and put it to rest once and for all!!! So, until the 3500a is dead, and buried in the landfill (it should be a long time because this one is still going strong, and I have a spare), I will continue to post something of my feelings about the subject every time a new thread turns up!!! :iagree: :a :a :a

IMO These threads about PIE/PIF scanning on the ND-3500 are not about opinions, They are used to bash NEC, and bash NEC for a drive that never had PIE/PIF scanning in it’s specification in the first place.

thread closed