Nec3500 OTF

whats the fastest you could hope to burn a dvd at otf,using best
dvd rom/writer (aopen,liteon,pioneer) as reader,and 3500 as writer,

and would connecting reader to a control card (not promis)
allow faster burning

Why do you want copy on the fly.

It’s seems more reasonable to copy via a harddisk, it will spare you from a lot of trouble.

The best result with optical devices, are connecting to the on board ide controller.

i burnd a 4,7 gb dvd to another dvd 4,7gb… my media only goes to 8x but at that speed i could burn OTF… but i must say i have a extra ide controller… and every drive is on 1 cable…(all master)
sys specs in sig

Stupid question really ,should have gave it more thought,already know that read speed should be at least double write speed which thoeretically means otf burning at 8x,
what I really wanted to know is can I attach a reader to a control card and get the same transfer results as if connected to an IDE channel,already tried a promis control card but found that not to good,
are their any cards that are ok for this purpose and is it better to use a raid card or just an ordinary control card.

raid cards are very bad “controller cards” for aspi drives like dvd or cd burners… better is a normal ide controller… or you put all your hdd´s to the ide controller and the burner and reader at the controller of the mainboard…

for example:
i have a ide controller
hdd1 on ide port 1 on the mobo
nec 3500 on ide port on the mobo
hdd2 ->ide card
toshiba -> ide card…
so all is master…

ps: i have tryed to put the nec on the ide card and the ide card slowed the burner down to multi word 2 (~11x dvd read/burn)…so look at the dma or the transfer test…:wink:

“aspi drives”… :confused: There is no such thing.

More likely our friend had ATAPI drives in mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, here is one link. Kind’a old but still useful. :cool:

oh dame
yes i mean ATAPI drives only in old windows or dos you need ASPI drivers for the ATAPI DRIVES… lol

12x on the fly is top speed i recon.

The master @ thats pretty much the setup I’m looking for, except I have one hard drive and 3 optical drives
@ pinto2 thanx for the link ,gives some makes that might just work and I just found one on ebuyer for £16 that I think I just might try.

i hope all is fine if you buy the controller :wink: