NEC3500 not identifying Ritek M02 correctly (4x DVD+R)

I have an NEC3500 which came with firmware version 2.16. I have recently been having problems burning my Ritek 4x DVD+Rs with ‘power calibration errors’. For some reason I was being offered an option to burn the discs at 8x. This hadn’t happened before. It was then that I noticed that the disc was being identified as a RICOHJPN R01 instead of a RITEK M02. I don’t know if it has always been like this as I have only checked it out now using Nero InfoTool. I tried using DiscJuggler and DVD Decrypter but it is doing exactly the same. This leads me to believe that it is the drive at fault. Should I change the firmware?

Ritek has been known to use RICOH for +R media, nothing wrong with your drive :wink:

Then why am I getting power calibration errors when I try to burn discs? The burns aren’t even starting and the disc remains empty. This started happening today. It has happened occassionaly before but I just retry on the same disc and it works.

You mean you test the MID code and it says RICOH, then test the MID code again and it says its an M02?

And what grade was the media, A, B or C grade?

I’ve just noticed that Nero is setting the Booktype to DVD-ROM and then generating a write error at the start of the disc (nothing is actually burnt on to the disc). The strange thing is that the 2.16 firmware doesn’t support bitsetting for DVD+R! It does support changing the booktype setting for DL discs and I changed this to DVD-ROM when I bought the drive a month ago. However, I have never had any problem burning to these discs until today. DVD Decrypter isn’t working either. Why is this problem occuring if fw 2.16 only allows DL bitsetting?

Its a new NERO feature, of course its not possible to set SL +R without firmware support.
If you think your ND-3500AG is faulty, it is not wise to flash it with unoffical firmware as this will void your warranty.
If you have any other media, try burning a disc.

I don’t understand this. I’ve checked with DVDInfoPro to confirm that the booktype is set to DVD+R for SL and DVD-ROM for DL. In Nero I changed the Booktype setting from Automatic to ‘Current recorder setting’. I went back to burning a DVD+R but Nero again attempted to use DVD High compatability mode and an error was generated. What’s going on?

Actually it was my mistake regarding the identity of the disc. They are RICOHJPN R01 and not Ritek’s. They are Traxdata discs and I assumed they were Riteks like Traxdata’s 4x DVD-R discs that I recently used.

Back to my actual problem. Nero is either giving me power calibration errors or for some reason is trying to change the booktype of the discs. WHY?!