NEC3500 nforce4 problems?


Ive recently updated my system and also installed windows using a different installation disc which contains service pack 2 rather than my usual installation of installing winxp bare and applying the updates via online.

Ive found that some cd-rs are not being read properly by my NEC-3500 drive and it will sometimes cause the system to lock up, the present window on screen will still work but the use of ALT+TAB wont change to a different window and CTRL+ALT+DEL will not display the task manager, the power off button wont shut down the PC and i have no option but to hit the reset button. Ive tried the same discs in my BenQ 1620 and managed to do a transfer rate test and it gives me a nice curve.

Could this just be a damaged disc or something to do with the new system components or windows installation what could be a dodgy release?

Ive only upgraded the following components:

AMD64 3200+ (skt939), MSI K8N Neo4 (nforce4), Sapphire Radeon x800 xt

This probably is just the discs but I am considering re-installing windows the usual way to see if it overcomes this problem or it could be something related to the nvidia chipsets IDE controllers???

Any help is much appreciated.


Use native Microsoft drivers. There have been some problems with Nvidia own drivers.

are you referring to the IDE controller driver or DVD/CD-ROM driver?


Yes the IDE controller

If you have installed the Nvidia drivers.

ok thanks for your help

I changed to the original microsoft IDE controller drivers and it didnt fix the problem. I dont need to uninstall the nvidia drivers fully for them to function correctly?


Uninstall NVidia IDE drivers.

Delete IDE controllers In system panel.


NEC 3500 isn’t that great a reader. Try some CD-ROM and others CD-R. Could be related to just one bad media. Try reading the same cd-r in a differnt reader.

uninstalled the drivers and it still didnt work.

decided to follow my hunch and re-install windows and it works fine now, guess it was a dodgy install after all.

Thanks for your help!