NEC3500 issues using FUJI DVD+r media



I’ve been making movie backups with my NEC3500 using the FUJI (from BestBuy) +R that say made in Japan. The last several I burned are having problems toward the end or later chapters on the disc. I am watching these on a new Panasonic DVD player connected to a TV. Sometimes it seems to skip or completely stop and freeze. The only way out is to stop the movie but it usually happens in the same place. I went back and looked at some earlier DVDs I burned, which were free ones from Newegg 4X -R’s, and they don’t seem to have the problem.

Could this be a bad batch of discs from Fuji or should I be using the -R media. I just went and bought the Sony +R from Staples ($19.99 right now) and was hoping this media would be good.

Does anyone have any suggestions on which media I should try next?

Thanks in advance!


Tell us what programs you used to burn them with and speed? Also check with DVD Decrypter or a program like that and post the maker of the media is (just to make sure). I think thats a good start. :slight_smile:


I am using DVDSHRINK with the NERO OEM version. They typically burn at 16X which is nice, but I’d rather have good quality movies than the speed. All of the last several movies are full of problem toward the end 25% of the movie. The maker is the Fuji made in Japan which is th TY media…right?

These are +R’s though and I thought I read that people with the NEC3500 prefer the -R media. Anyone with this drive that has a recommendation?



If these TYs are the one from Japan that everyone is buzzing about, then perhaps these TYs aren’t as good as everyone says they are.

  1. Have you done any flashing of your 3500 with modified firmware?
  2. Have you changed the booktype for DVD+R disc to “DVD-ROM”?
  3. Have you tried burning at 8X instead of 16X? If so, how’s the quality on 8X?

If I remember correctly, Panasonic seems to gladly accept DVD-R discs. With DVD+R discs, I’m not sure (unless the booktype was changed).



I have two 3500’s and my experience has been that they do much better on 8x -R medias than on +R’s - I use only Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell - I always get very good burns with these -R medias-



I have used both +R and -R on the 3500. One is not better than the other in my case. They’re equally good.

  2. PRODISC 8X +R
  3. TYG02 8X -R


Hey DevHead…

I don’t see anything listed that I would consider quality +R Media. Your minus R looks good and if BigMike says it is, it is. (For his uses though) I’ve burned nothing but +R’s and have not had one hickup with ANY that were QUALITY!!! Do you have DVD infopro to verify the mid codes of your disks? If not, get it. It’s free or you can use Nero info tools if you have it. The FUJI 8X+R I’ve gotten from BB has been YUDEN000T02 and have not failed me yet in at least 100 burns. Also have had NO problems with Verbatim 8 or 16X. And Ya Mike they are the ONLY ones made in Taiwan that I’ve had success with :stuck_out_tongue: . Sony 8X+R which are SonyD11 and TDK RICOHJPNR02 8X have played perfect too. Either bitset to DVD-Rom or DVD+R. If your going to stick with the -R’s go with Mikes brands. Or go with my +R suggestions and try bitsetting.

Good Luck


Yep, I have that DVD Identifier app. That’s where I got those media codes from. The +R burns just fine, and I will keep buying them. I’m not too sticky to a certain brand or media code (maybe I should be). As long as I get good burns, I’m happy. :slight_smile:


I think everyones bottom line is burn quality!!!:cool:


Thanks for the replys. I think I am going to return the Sony +R’s I just bought and exchange for the Sony -R’s.

Is the Sony media (says made in Japan on package) good quality? Anyone have problems using on a NEC 3500?

Thanks again!



Good move - you should be good to go-



Hey cm70man…

If your Sony’s say made in Japan, I’d hang on to them. Don’t believe everything bigmike says unless he can provide you with tests like these. And I know he can’t cuz he doesn’t have a Liteon:p


Yo Mark-

You know what - with the LiteOns receiving such a bad rap all over these forums - it constantly amazes me how so many folks live and die by the test results produced by these very same drives-

Just once I would like to see a comparison between the LiteOn tests and a real testing labs results for the same medias - either to verify that the LiteOns actually are giving out good results or not - know what I mean Vern??

Just a viewpoint - NOT a jab at you Bra-



Hey Mike…
I’d love to see that to Homie. And I know you weren’t throwing any jabs Brother,But I Was:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Got to get some of this pent up energy out somehow after waisting away in the hospital for 6 days. The S.O.B.'s had me so doped up that it seemed like I was there for 2 minutes. Then they send me home with so much nasty sh_t, that if I was to take it as prescribed, I’d probably be dead. Be a GREAT way to become Keith Richards best friend though. But screw it, I want to live, not vegetate.