Nec3500 firmware and Xbox backup tests

As you might know i have had some serious troubles regarding making Xbox backups on my Nec3500.

Fortunately i have solved the problem, it took me about 6 ( and one DL) coasters before i could find a good firmware, but i’m happy to report that The Dangerous Bros firmware 2c7 (windows flasher) does the job.

Nec 3500 firmware tests xbox related

Used media : Platinum DVD+R SL 8x on 12x
Used software : Nero

w216 : nope, coaster
w206 : nope, coaster
w2f8 : nope, coaster
w2c7 : YES YES YES !!! It works. 2nd attempt also is successful.

Experimenting further :

Used media : Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x on 4x
Used software : Nero
w2c7 : YES YES YES !!! It works.

well :slight_smile:

I have tried DL media on my X Box with a samsung drive, both verbs and Ritek, both play back well with video, but i am having probs with a 6.5 gig game, it plays ok till it needs (i presume) to acess the second layer…? It can’t be because the drives can’t read the media because they can with video, could it be the layer change place needs editing, i noticed in the iso there are 2 folders as well as the default xbe, one called layer 0 and one called layer 1. If this is the case would anybody know how to edit the iso to put the folders exactley on the respective layers, and if so what software would you use to burn it afterwards???

Burnt 1 2.65gb ISO on a 4x +R Verbatim (using Maddog 2.F8 + booktyped to DVD-ROM) and it played perfectly on my Samsung drive.

I had been able to play +RW in the Samsung but my last +R burn (using my Sony 500ax and the same 4x +R Verbatim’s) failed to be recognised in my xbox. It worked (if a little slow) in my brother’s Thompson drive though.


Have you tried the option in Nero for DL discs -->‘Write Extended Lead-out on double layer discs’??

I don’t know if it will work but it might just do the trick.

There was a thread concerning ‘maximizing Read Only compatibility’ w.r.t. DL media. You can read about it HERE if your interested. :slight_smile:

I have the nec2500a, and all of a sudden my xbox wont read any of my dvd+R backups, even though I have used the same media as before that used to work. Maybe I got a crappy spindle or something? Anyways, does anyone have a firmware that I can use on my 2500a (even if its for a different version as long as I can burn xbox games) that they know works. If so can you post the link where I can get it from here, or email me it as All help is much appreciated, Thanks