NEC3500 DVD-RW Problem!

If i burn a dvd-rw 4x nero stops at the beginning with an error.
then the dvd-rw is not more readable.if the disc is in the burner the system freeze for 5 min. and then are the message no disc in drive!

i used verbatim and ritek dvd-rw 4x!and now i have 6 coasters of dvd-rw they now are not readable.

have anybody infos about this?

I haven’t tested any DVD-RW discs so far so I can’t help you here, but those rewriteable discs should not be ‘coasters’. You should be able to (fully) erase them with a compatible drive. What firmware are you using?

i tried the maddog,the 2.16 and the 2.27!
i cant erease them!the PC freeze for 5 min. and then i get “No disc is present”!

That’s very weird indeed. I’m really curious if others have made similar experiences. I always wanted to buy some DVD-RW media for testing. I might do so soon and report back, if nobody else does.

i dont think the drive is defective because bo probs. with dvd-r and dvd+rw.

I erased a tdk 2.4x rewriteable I have no problem on my 3500 running liggys beta 7… then burned a copy of a doom 3 dvd I have prepared as a backup of my cd set at 4x no problem … here is the error scan… nothing to write home about…(not sure why the errors are higher at the start) then I erased it again on my other 3500 drive running vers. 2.27 of the f/w

how are you erasing them I use quick erase and I did notice that I needed to create a new project before it would let me erase the inserted disk… it then pops up a dialog erases the disk and ejects it when done… but it is clean when done… I then reinsert it and burn the project…

is this media a dvd+rw?i have only probs on dvd-rw!
i think the problem is coming with the 2.27 firm, but i dont know it for sure.
now i dont have any new dvd-rw medias to test with the maddog or 2.16.
All dvd-rw are coasters.

All dvd-rw are coasters

Personally, I wouldn’t throw them away but rather try to erase them in another recorder.

They are re-writable discs, hence recoverable, at least in theory…

Despite of that, I read somewhere in this forum (may be from OC-freak, but not sure) that current technology of ‘DVD rewritable discs’ was not as robust as CD-RW and under certain circumstances (*) they could be thrown as unreadable forever, or seriously damaged.

(*) Which ‘circumstances’? I don’t remember at this moment (sorry). Overspeeding maybe a reason, i.e. trying to rewrite them at higher speed than recommended in the RW disc (4x instead of 2.4x, for instance).

Search the whole forum (outside NEC ;-). for example ‘RW unreadable’.

Hope this helps,

i have no probs until i use the 2.27 with the new nero .25.
the disc cant format in another drive because in every drive (Tosh,Plextor)the lamps are blinking constant 5 min. and then the message no disc!

yes it is dvd-rw look at the disk info type in cd speed it is pretty clear… maybe your discs are really bad… have you also drop the complete erase as well as the the quick erase…

i cant erase them.not complete and not quick!always no disc after 5 min. led lightning.

Have you ever tried to erase by DVDinfoPro? I gave it up to erase by Nero.

i vant erase them with such a tool!the dvd-rw are not detected by the drive!

I had a DVD+RW which would not erase, last software I tried was Alcohol and it did it. So give Alcohol a chance, well at least the software, if that doesn’t work go for the real stuff :slight_smile:

Guys, the drive cannot see the disk. It’s got nothing to do with the software at this point; he might as well be trying to format a tree leaf. His drive cannot see the disk, so there is no way for software to alleviate that problem, since software requires the disk to be in the drive and at least readable.


Try some new GOOD media like Ritek -RW’s 'cause it sounds like you have gotten some bad media or messed up formatting (did you format these discs on this burner? or another burner?) - also can you burn a -R or +R in this burner? - If so - then is must certainly be a media problem-


Alcohol has an option to force an erase regardless of if it can be read/seen, it’s called ignore illegal TOC/Force erase.

you got my problem!
the same with alcohol!No disc!

No problems here yet using Verbatim 4X DVD-RW on NEC 3500A firmware 2.F9
I will also be testing some other DVD-RW discs soon.

I would guess the only chance you have to recover those discs is to try it in various DVD writers until at least something recognizes that it is DVD-RW media.