NEC3500 defective or poor scan results with Toshiba SD-M1912

Hi @All!

I am desperate. Over the last two years I spent a lot of time creating and
burning around 120 DVDs. Some of them contain own film footage, needless to
say, it would be nearly a catastrophe to me, if someday they would not be
readable anymore. In present situation, due to the “label-problem” and poor
quality of burned discs (HP200), I have to copy and burn all discs again.

After much investigation, I decided to buy a NEC 3500ag and a DVD-ROM, Toshiba SD-M1912
a month ago. Now, beeing on holidays I started the big challenge! I somehow
managed to rip the most problematic discs. 47 in number.

I have to burn these, and make some room on my hdds for the other discs…

BUT: I am not at all pleased with burning results produced by NEC 3500ag.
Reading many posts on this board and having a look at other peoples’ scan
results, the question comes up: why are my personal results so poor?

NEC 3500 or Toshiba defective? None of it?

To be a little bit more specific, I show you some scan results:
(speed could not be restricted to 4x)

  • NEC 3500ag @4x, MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9 2.F8, Intenso MBIPG101: Att.No.1-3

  • NEC 3500ag @4x, MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9 2.F8, Verbatim MCC03: Att.No.4

  • NEC 3500ag @8x, MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9 2.F8, Verbatim MCC03: Att.No.5

This is a scan of the original disc: “Matrix Revolutions - Disc2”
It was not possible to get a scan “behind” the Layer-Break.
Nero CD-DVD Speed does not react anymore. The drive is locked.
It takes a long time to reboot… At least some statisics:

PI Error:

Average: 7.31
Maximum: 73
Total: 23178

PI Failures:
Average: 1.16
Maximum: 46
Total: 3675

So, I hope you can help me. I don’t know what to do.
What are your proposals?

big THX!

Some additional scans:

  • NEC 3500ag @4x, MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9 2.FA, TDK DVD+R 002: Att.No.1

  • NEC 3500ag @8x, MAD DOG MD-16XDVD9 2.FA, TDK DVD+R 002: Att.No.2

  • NEC 3500ag @8x, Liggy & Dee V2 Beta3, TDK DVD+R 002: Att.No.3

  • NEC 3500ag @4x, Liggy & Dee V2 Beta3, Ricoh JPNR02: Att.No.4

  • NEC 3500ag @8x, Liggy & Dee V2 Beta3, Ricoh JPNR02: Att.No.5

This is a good question. :slight_smile: In fact I’m asking the same question now in another forum. I have the same problem but I use a liteon 166s. I wonder if the problem is NERO. See if I run the test a few times in Nero I will get a diferent results every time but if I use DvdinfoPro I get the same results. Also I only have two choices in for speed (Max & 48) in Nero, which isn’t the case in DvdinfoPro. :confused:


With the 166 you could use K-probe which probably gives you more accurate results.

You are using a DVD-ROM drive to scan the discs… and these scans aren’t comparable to the one posted on the forum. And if you look at PI and PIF max of your pressed disc… your burned disc have much lower values than the pressed disc. Also do a transfer rate test of your burned disc. I recommend if you’re burning very sensitive data like your home videos always make a backup so if one DVD becomes unreadable you have always a second disc with a backup and can restore the data and reburn it to another disc.

Hi pc-guy, hi surg.

I could use Kprobe1 with my Toshiba DVD-ROM. The results were quite the same.
Multiple scans of same disc, wirh both progs did not result in significant difference.

please contribute any news from the other board…


… And the best way to create a copy of your backups; ISO mode in DVD Decrypter… :wink:

BTW, no “paper labels” please… Photo printers are cheap today and there is a lot of printable media out there; Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Ritek, Maxell… :cool:

Hi Quikee2, hi pinto2!

Oh, I overlooked that. I thought, DVD-ROMs are also quite reliable…

Tranfer rate test with NEC? Or DVD-ROM?

Thanks Quikee2, that is something I already started…

I use DVD Decrypter very often… :wink:
And… I never used paper labels again!
That is something I have learned too late…

If your content is so important i recommend sticking to quality media like verbatium, ty (fuji MIJ), or maxell (MIJ). Avoid the cheap stuff like Intenso. Remember, you tend to get what you pay for…

spryfly, hello!

You are right, but did you see the scan results I posted. Neither Verbatim seem
to work with my NEC.


Do the transfer rate test with Nec… but the DVD reader should also do… :slight_smile:

i made a similar experience with my toshi 1802 - the nero scans were absolutely horrible - but only as long as the read-speed is set to “max” - try setting the read-speed to 3x or 4x…
in my case, suddenly the results were absolutely ok, and did not differ much from scans made on a sony dvd-burner…

post the transfer rate test results… :wink:

And here are the results of the desperate jury… :wink:

The NEC is testing meanwhile…Speed: 1x

So, here first the tests by Toshiba. Both discs RicohJPNR02:

Burned at 4x:

Burned at 8x:


Thanks for reply. But as I mentioned before, speed could not be restricted to 4x…


All looks ok for now… btw… save the picture in PNG format JPG is no good for this kind of pictures…

And here, at least one NEC scan. It took much time…
Sorry, I already did save it as jpg. Next time I will take png.

RicohJPNR02, burned at 8x:

Why did you do the transfer rate at 1x ??? It has to be as fast as Nec can take… the slowdowns are visible only then.

Sorry, Quikee2.

I don’t know why… I entered the settings and all transfer/writing speed were already
set to max…

Confirming settings, did it…

I will post scans soon.

Ok :slight_smile:

So, here we go:

RicohJPNR02, burned at 4x, NEC Speed Test:

RicohJPNR02, burned at 8x, NEC Speed Test:

TDK002, burned at 8x, NEC Speed Test:

TDK002, burned at 8x, Toshiba Speed Test: