NEC3500 & Datawrite Grey (FujiFilm03)


Just wondering what peoples experiences are of these discs are with the NEC3500. Personally, ive burnt around 70+ DVD-R of these discs and not had a problem, but I dont have a drive where I can for PI/PO errors, could anyone possibly do some scans of these discs?

To be exact they are, Datawrite Grey 8x (FUJIFILM03), having searched the site ive read mixed reviews and now in abit of doubt.




I posted a thread, some time ago, where I did a full test on these disks (and posted scans) using my NEC 2500. Here’s the thread I’m getting similar results with my external 3500A.

The bottom line is, if they work for you (with your set-up) then other people’s experiences do not really matter. I get better results at x4 than x8 - having said that, the results from x8 are more than acceptable with no read error whatsoever - which is more than I can say for the Riteks (quality control issues with Riteks I guess). I used to use Riteks - but since the Greys were released I’ve stopped using Ritek completely and use nothing but Greys (on my NEC burners) can even burn two at once with no problems.

Out of 100s of burns I’ve had 2 coasters - and they were when I first connected and tested the external 3500A - probably down to me and original settings. No problems now.

I’ve found that the Greys are more compatible on stand alone DVDs than Ritek - 2 or 3 of my friends could not play the Ritek -Rs but have no problems with the Greys.

Here in the UK the Greys are really cheap - so, for me, it’s a win-win situation.

Endnote - When I first started burning (using Riteks) I would K-Probe every disk and test for read errors (anal retentive or what!!) - the Greys are so good that I rarely do this now - maybe once every cake box (25). I still K-Probe and read error test for a friend of mine (he uses Ritek -Rs x4) still seeing problems.

As I’ve said earlier - it’s down to the individual and his/her setup - “if it plays - it’s OK”.

PS My Lite-On hates these disks and there doesn’t appear to be a FirmWare hack which will improve the situation. Again - this proves that setup has a lot to do with people’s experiences.

Hope this has helped

Absolutely no problems here. Just dont get the bulkpaq ones with the same dye

I find these discs to be great, compatible all round. Never had a problem reading or writing them with new NEC 3500AG. I usually use 2x (or 4x if I’m in a hurry) for burning them as I like to have the best possible burn. I use the original firmware and original setup, I haven’t changed a thing since I got this drive and I’ve never had a coaster.

Yeah that sounds good to me, personally with my setup its been fine, though I cant do any scans for PI/PO errors, cause I dont have a drive what does it. I burn all my discs at 8x, they burn fine and if i do a test in Nero CD Speed, the transfer rate, so I guess thats good enough.

The main reason I ask is because I first started using Princo and thought they was good discs, until I had burnt about 60 discs of them and then they started to become corrupt straight after a burn, then I found that Princo are the worst discs going; though Im still thinking that its mainly my old NEC1300 drive what caused the problems rather than the discs.


HERE’S a scan rdgrimes did w.r.t. Fujifilm03 DVD-R burned at 8x with Herrie’s 2.17 FW a while ago. :wink: