NEC3500 coasters at the end of burn?



Guys something weird has been happening w/ my 3500. As you can see from the scan, it looks very well in the beginning but in the end it just goes crazy. This has happened in the last 10 burns i’ve attempted. Do you guys know how to remedy this? BTW I have firmware 2.28


I was having the same problem. I fixed this by rebooting the computer flashing the firmware again, and then doing the same thing again (rebooting flashing the firmware). Do this 3 times and then try burning the same disc.


This is driving me crazy!!! Im using TY media and I keep getting coasters w/ my NEC 3500. The scans look fine in the beginning but its always in the end of my scan where I get my PO errors. So far i’ve tried the system restore option on my PC…i’ve also reflashed the burner…but I keep getting the PO errors. Yes, my DMA is turned on…can someone please advise. this is driving me nuts… :confused:


What were those TY’s branded as? Also what’s the batch number on those discs? This is found printed on the center hub - batch number is the last 4 numbers at the end after the TT or TG stuff I believe. The other option is how do these discs burn on your BenQ? Same result or better?

Aside from that, you could try Liggy & Dee’s Firmware version 2 beta 6 - seems to work great for me and others as well. Just a couple passing thoughts. :slight_smile:


Something is defineately wrong…I tried buring a disc w/ my BENQ and it is giving the same results w/ my quality scans. This is frustrating…what could be causing the PO errors at the end of my burns?


please answer Braxass question, they could be fakes but i would expect a far worse scan than that.


@acko - I was thinking either fakes or batch 1133 from TY which is known to be a very iffy-ish batch - normally that batch is Fuji branded. :slight_smile:


It cant be fake…theyre TY from FUJI. I got these from Best Buy


and the batch number is???


Braxas…If i remember correctly, the 1133 batch were the good ones.

edit: can’t find that thread. anybody have it bookmarked?


is this the thread?


no…remember the thread where the guy made a spread sheet and compared three different batch #'s?

also for what it’s worth, i burn almost only ty. all mine are 1133 and they burn like a dream.


uh oh… just or this thread i busted open a new spindle of fuji’s.

burnt 2 data discs one with nec3500 LD V2 B2 and one with benq1620 B7T9.
the results speak for themselves. :eek: was going to sell my nec now that i have the benq, but looks like i will be keeping the nec for a while…have another ~300 of thesse fujis to go through. from now on i’ll pay the extra $$ and get them through rima.


ran a transfer rate test on the benq burned disk…coaster.


Are you running those burns at 16X? The NEC came close to 16X. The Benq appears to top out at 12X. Perhaps a buffer issue underrun issue?

Can you run another round of 16X NEC/BENQ using the same Best Buy TYs media? Perhaps another round of 16X NEC/BENQ with the “RIMA” TYs to confirm that the BB TYs are “B” grade.


they are both data disks created by cdspeed. both should have hit 16x. doubt it is a buffer underrun issue as none of my other disks have had this problem. not going to waste more disks making data disks. will post some more fuji ty scans as i burn some new disks. however, the nec scan suggests to me that if i restrict these fuji disks to 12x on the nec they should burn just fine. also not that since i posted the scans i have updated my nec firmware to ld v2 b6.

i am attaching a 12x scan done on the rima ty’s (a few days ago) with the benq 1620. thesse are also TG0001133…go figure.

i don’t feel like doing another transfer rate on this disk. just trust me that it is perfect.


qscan recommends the rima ty’s at 12x and the fuji ty’s at 4x…


fuji ty02 @12x ld v2 b6. not any better then my cmc mag e01’s. definatly not acceptable for ty… :a

transfer rate test has somoth curve all the way…

i know i need to try another one on the 1620 but i don’t want to make another coaster. i have an irrational fear of coaters…mabey tommorow.

edit: mabey i’ll burn one at 8x on the benq…that should avoid a coaster. for now, it is time to actually watch one of my dvd’s. yeah i know, it’s a novel idea…


Best Buy shouldn’t have any problem with replacing those FUJIs. Note also that Fuji has lifetime warranty on the DVDs. They even sent me a return label, postage prepaid.


me too. and they sent back a brand new spindle…

@spry is this what you were talking about?