NEC3500 and Booktype on DVD-R!



i flashed the iodata firm to test.and now every burned dvd-r showed booktype dvd-rom!
i tested also with dvdinfo pro!


What about Nero CD/DVD Speed and DVD Identifier identification.
Reason I ask this is I never trust DVDInfo in first place… :wink:

BTW, even if this “is so”, I ask my self; for what use… :cool:


nero cd speed also see the dvd-r as dvd-rom!


In all your drives ?


just a possibility, but what brand are your tyg02`s? could they be fakes? which could explane them being seen as book-type dvd-rom.


I didn’t think it was even possible to set DVD-R to booktype DVD-ROM :confused:


the ty g02 are fakes.(Budget) but the booktype shows also on verbatim dvd-r .


same here, isen`t the booktype for minus set when the disc is made, unlike plus which can be set to dvd-rom when burnt?

how does your lite-on see them?


I used to have a BTC 1004IM dvd writer, and when they finally implemented bitsetting into their firmware, using dvdbitset, it could set -R to dvd-rom. I have over 100 -R dvd’s, all reporting as dvd-rom in nero cd/dvd speed & dvd info pro when checked in a Pioneer 108, my nec3500 & my sony ddu-1621 :slight_smile:


Setting the booktype of DVD minus discs is basically just a useless hack. I’ll never understand why nec plays these games…


It doesn’t really matter if the booktype on -R happen to be set to -ROM, right? Doesn’t setting a +R disc to -ROM pretty much make it just as compatible as a -R disc?


the toshi and the liteon read the disc in nerocdspeed as dvd-rom!
thats the funny thing!i used a lot of firms with the 25xx and the 3500, but ive never seen a dvd-r as dvd-rom


Ok !

Will Dual layer “DVD-R DL” discs be booktyped to DVD-ROM ?
This is not regarding the 3500 though, but maybe the 3520…


We’ll see… :wink: maybe they’ll be booktyped DVD-R :slight_smile:


The only possible difference that could be noticed with a DVD-R disc bitset to DVD-ROM as compared to a non-bitset DVD-R is rip-speed in a drive that reads recordable discs more slowly than pressed discs and checks the booktype field to determine the disc type. This could be good or bad.


the booktype for dvd-r is only with the iodata firm.
thats very interessting


Hm… I’m using IO-DATA 2.28… and book type is not set to DVD-ROM for my DVD-R burns.
I checked TTH01 & MCC02RG20.


where found this iodata firmware please ?


This could be a good thing If you happen to have a gateway DVD player that does not play DVD-R.


note to self: DVD-R is not DVD+R