NEC3450 Firmware won't work

I’m trying to flash the firmware to the new firmware and it won’t work.

I can do the scan: C:\Necflash -scan and it tells me I have firmware 102b.

When I type in this in for the dump: C:\Necflash -dump C:\OldFirmware.bin 1.0.0

// aspiStartup.LoadLibrary: x7E (126) The specified modeule could not be found.
// “WNASPI32.DLL” was the “specified module”
// sptxOpen.CreateFile: x2 (2) The System cannot find the specified.
Error opening SCSI device

I am at the C:\

Any idea what is going wrong?

OR better yet, what is the latest firmware for this drive?

I may have figured out my problem.

What exactly does necflash -scan tell you?