NEC2510A in LaCie FireWire casing



Just bought a 2510 which I planned to build in a LaCie case (with OXFW911), instead of the original cd-writer. The drive doesn’t turn up in System Profile however. When used internally it is recognised by the system and by Toast.

Do I miss something? On the LaCie site I found a DiscRecording support file for, amongst others, NEC2500A. It didn’t work. It installs a file named LaCie.drprofile Has anyone a file like this for the 2510?

Do I need to upgrade the firmware? I downloaded and performed a 922_updater_Mac file from NEC. This also didn’t work.

Anyone a solution or tip?



You can flash the 2510a with herries 1.07 v2 beta 5 firmware ( if you can find a MAC flasher to flash the BIN file)
The drive will then be found as a 2500a BUT with DL support and a host of other things, or wait until LaCie supports the 2510a
See firmware links in this forum