NEC2510A Burned dvd problems!


Just stumbled upon this site by accident, but as I own a NEC2510A and have been experiencing some problems lately, I thought it would be a good idea to ask you if you could help me.

Here’s my problem:
I back-up a dvd-movie (Super Size Me) using anydvd and CloneDVD2 V2.8.5.1
The burning process is completed without any problems and when I put it in any stand-alone player (have tried 4 different kinds, not including my pc-drive) it reads the beginning of the movie just fine, but after about an hour the screen frezzes and after few seconds the movie starts from the beginning.

Tried Princo’s Budget discs and some other discs from Tuffdisc (called MCC 01RG20 in DvdInfoPro.

Have just resently upgraded my firmware to version 2.18, could this be the reason?

Hope some of you are able to help me

It’s all down to really bad (I’d prefer to say crap) media.
Eg. Princo media is inferior! Tuffdisc is not better, just faked.

Visit to find some good media.

thanks for the speedy reply, kind of thought it was the “cheap” media :a , just wierd that it haven’t acted up before now, but thanks for the link I’ll just have to get hold of some good media then, and I guess I can always use the brand new 100 disc tuffdisc bundle I just bought as a paperweight :doh:

You also could try to clean the lens of the drive by using a lens cleaner, sometimes that helps.

Another option is to burn the media at a slower speed to get better results.

Great idea, will do that, think I have a cleaning kit stacked away somewhere.
thanks again