NEC2510a burn 8x?



I have had my Nec2510a for several months now and havent had a bad burn! (Nothing but praises to nec for a great product) But, it is really nerving that my media will only burn @ 4x instead of the suggested 8x ? Burning using ritek ridata G05 media, and 2.15 driver. I was @ NEC’s webpage, I see I can flash to 2.16, but dont really want to if it wont solve my burning issues, as there is no other problem to date. Any opinions greatly appreciated in advance ! Thanks ~ Jason


Hi there

I had this issue with my 2500a in that the G05s would only be burned at 4x. NEC appeared to be very conservative with these excellent disks.

I’ve just downloaded the 2.17 firmware from the NEC Germany site ( ) and viewed the exe file with NECDUMP. This shows that the G05s will now burn at 8x.
Necdump is can be found with a search on the NEC forum.

Hope this helps.


I had the same problem with my 8X media only burning at 4X on my 2500a. There was a version that updated in windows easily for beginners and was sorted in seconds :slight_smile: