NEC2510A and PS2

Hello everyone, I’m the proud owner of a 2510A who’s considering flashing to Herrie’s firmware.

I’ve taken a good look at these forums but haven’t managed to find a definitive thread answering some questions I have regarding playing burned DVDs on a PS2.

Disregarding the quality of the media, could somebody please tell me exactly what mediatype and booktype I need to use for the PS2 to accept both DVD videos and backed up games?

More importantly, even using the right media and booktype setting, do I still need to use a mod-chip for these disks?

Sorry if you’ve answered this all before, I did try looking around.

Many thanks,


yes you need a mod-chip and seting the booktype to dvd-rom is whats best for compatibilty.

You need a modchip to play game backups.
You don’t need a modchip for playing DVD videos.
DVD+R with a DVD-ROM booktype as well as DVD-R media should both work well on a PS2.

Post edited for clarification.

both ? since when can we change the booktype of an DVD-r ?
Did i miss something :confused:

booktype changing +R to -ROM and -R without booktypesetting was the meaning. older PS2 can only recognice -r or rom newer ones (V9 and higher in europe) can both.

with booktypesetting on +r you´re on secure side.

Thanks for your help, guys.


ok, but quick question does DVD-R = DVD-ROM ?
Looks like old PS2 are ok with DVD-R and DVD-ROM… strange but not DVD+R (unless booktyped to -ROM).

So if i buy DVD-R, I have same compatibility as with DVD+R that are booktyped to DVD-ROM ???
(so why should I buy DVD+R…)

No you cant change DVD-R’s booktype to DVD-ROM its a feature of the DVD+ format and you shouldn’t need to use the change booktype function if you have a recent PS2 anyway.

Before you get your PS2 check what version it is, it should be labelled on the box in the store
PS2 DVDRW support revisions:
Version 1-3 DVD-R/RW only
Version 4 DVD-R/RW & DVD+R
Version 5-10 DVD-R/RW & DVD+R/RW

If your not sure you can check here what revision yours is at the link below.

Version 9 & 10 are the most common in circulation these days and I have a v9 and have thrown a wide variety of DVD+ media at it and it played them fine, the only time I had problems was when I tried using some low quality discs once.