NEC2510 stopped recognizing Verbatim

My NEC 2510 has been flawless until recently. I used a modified 2.F8 firmware and am running XP home, SP2 with Nero 6 as the burning software.

I use mostly 4X media. Recently it simply stopped recognizing Verbatim MCC 01RG20. DVD identifier can not read the media ID. Sometimes it recognized a burnt MCC as a blank CD. This burner has burnt at least 50 discs from this spindle. These very same MCC discs burnt fine using my other burners. Other media are still working as usual, which include TYG01, TYG02, TTG02, CMC MAG.AE1, Ritek G04, RicohJPN-W11.

I have updated the FW to a modified 2.F9 and updated Nero to by uninstalling and reinstalling. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the device, as well as doing a system restore to an earlier time point but to no avail.

Any thoughts?

Do you mean with “it” DVDidentifier?

Sorry - it, in this case was the autoplay - as soon as thedvd was inserted.

That means “explorer”.
IMHO, you cannot count on such an buggy prog like explorer.
I would only believe in extra tools like DVDInfoPro and Nero CD DVD speed. :wink:

It has nothing really to do with “Autplay”, it has to do with “Auto-Insert-Notification” which is disabled normally by most burning apps…

Yes, explorer does that. The DVDInfoPro nor Nero, nor DVD Decryptor regonized these verbatim discs. BTW, they are MCC 01RG20 from Best Buy, at least 50 of which burnt fine till now. Other brands, as mentioned above have no problem.

Any other thoughts on what I should do? Thanks

try the media in another player. my guess is that they will not read elsewhere either

These discs work fine in an HL GCA4840 (laptop) and an LG 4120 burner.

then i guess i am wrong :slight_smile: