NEC2500a write speeds?



First of all I would like to thank all of you out there that take your time to post you problems and solutions :bow:, this forum has been of great help. Now to my problem. I bought an NEC2500a a couple of months ago and have not experienced any problems, however after reading some post I came to notice the different writing speeds. I have noticed that my burner writes a full movie DVD- (vertamin) around 45-55 minutes and it rips dvd’s around the same time. I use the latest version of Nero to burn and have applied the registry edit to allow me to choose the burning speed. My question is: how long should it take for this burner to write at 2x, 4x, 8x,+X : dvd-(movie), dvd+(movie), dvd-(data), dvd+(data), cd, and cdrw… I tried looking through the forums but was unable to find anything in detail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

my system:
winxp pro sp1
Asus P4800ed
P4 3.2ghz
Nec2500a ( factory firmware)


at 4x, around 15 minutes or less, 8x, around 10 minutes or less, 2.4 is around 25 minutes, goes for all, try seeing if your dma is enable, and looking at that Motherboard, i’m guessing an Intel chipset? If so…Install the Intel Accelerator Application
Ripping movies shouldn’t take but 15-30 minutes depending on size


I just bought the 2500A, and I use dvd shrink to burn and it automatically opens nero. How do I get it to burn at 8x? If In just burn with Nero it only allows me to burn at 4x. Any help would be appreciated.


@Paille, You need 8X capable media to burn at 8X


Is there any way to force it to burn 8x on a 4x media? I was able to do that on regular cd’s at one time. Thought maybe it was possible with DVD as well.


You need Herries’ patched firmware for that.
Read this entire thread:


Alright, I’m on it. Thanks Wesociety.


I read through that thread and decided not to try the beta9a firmware to burn at 8x. One thing I did find implied on some posts were that my stock firmware could have a lock on how fast it rips. Is there a reliable firmware that will allow my drive to rip a dvd at it’s max capability and also make it region free? I checked and mine is using the 1.06 firmware.

#9 has riplock free and RPC1 firmwares all over the place. :stuck_out_tongue:


He has a RPC1 and Riplock firmware based on 1.06 and 1.07, is there some advanatages for me to use the 1.07 one? I was unable to find the difference.


Also does Herrie’s firmware do the same thing? If so do you have a preference?


There is support for more media in 1.07, although all the new media types are not recommended by NEC! That’s the only difference.



Do I need to update to 1.07 before I do the dangerous brothers 1.07 firmware, or is theres the complete firmware with their alterations?


Hmm, looks like you’ve hijacked x21x’s thread. :cop:
Yep, Herries fws are also RPC1 and riplock free.
You didn’t read the entire thread like I asked you to. :frowning:
I recommend using Herries beta 7 fw until he releases a new one.
You can find a link to this fw in the thread linked above.


Yes he did hijack my thread. Shame on you :cop: . Anyways, Nuke209 thanks for the fast reply, yeah its running at ultra DMA mode and the motherboard does have an Intel chipset. I dont know if the Intel Accelerator Application has been installed or not but I dont see it in the add/remove programs menu. Although isn’t the Intel Accelerator Application supposed to cause other problems?


Yep it usually causes problems but if you don’t see it installed you should be good to go! Are your burn times matching up with the speeds that Nuke209 posted?


Im not even sure anymore, yesterday I burned a memorex dvd+r almost full at 12 minutes. Is there perhaps some software that wold test out the actual speed of the drive at different speeds and media?


Please define ‘almost full’… how many GB?
If your Memorex DVD+R is RICOHJPNR01, this media burns at 6X with the stock firmware and your burn time looks just about normal.


yes I know it looks normal, but the speed varies depending on the data. It took me around 40-45 min to burn a 2 hour 10min full DVD on the same media. and the almost full DVD was around 4.6 g’s.


Ok, well the 12 minute burn sounds normal.
Obviously the 40-45 minute burn is not normal, unless you were also transcoding/compressing the video at the same time? (CloneDVD/DVDShrink)
If not, are the source files from the 40 minute burn located on a different harddrive?
Defragging your harddrive can also help in these cases.