NEC2500A & Ritek D01 DVD+R DL Media

Lynxdv ran out of stock.

Try here

ItalianJob, interesting tests and nice results!

Guys, i tried the on-line shops you pointed me at, but there is no “Greece” selection at destination tab.

I thought greece was now in Europe :bigsmile:

Maybe you should try :
ketta, os-mediatrade, bigpockets, blankdiscshop, dvdrohlinge24, dabs, digital promotions, etc…

ItalianJob, Greece is in the European Union but on-line shops do not support the country because there are no distributors here in Greece willing to co-operate with such shops. Greek online shops appeared only 2 years ago but the variety of products they sell online is limited so a lot of people choose not to buy online. About the DL media, the lowest price for Verbatim DL is 15.90 EUROS which i will not pay, and the lowest price for Ritek DL is 12 EUROS, which is possible for me to pay. I calculated the shipping cost if i would buy from an online shop, and it comes at 11 EUROS/disc for a Verbatim DL. It really isn’t a big difference compared to Ritek DL which is a wondeful media according to my tests so far. So i’ll have to wait until Ritek DL media becomes available again. Thanks for your help!!!

Just ordered some Verbatim DLs from Big pocket, nice price too :slight_smile:

SSJ4 Vegetto, do some tests and post the results if you have some free time. I am curious to see how good Verbatim media is compared to Ritek. Thanks in advance…

By the way, at what price did you buy the media?


If you’re interested to buy Ritek DL to be shipped to Greece, try again

Add items to your cart, no obligation, and select “Greece” to have the shipping cost calculated.

Hi Ardov.

The shipping was pricey for the discs so I just ordered some Ritek’s instead from SVP which is only 80p (around 1.5 euro) shipping if your part of the buyers club :slight_smile:

Do you still want me to test out the Ritek’s?

I ordered 2, should arrive either on the weekend or Monday.

There is already a thread on Verbatim DL burns on a NEC2500:

I see you have already posted in this thread :wink:

Unfortunately that post has been idle for some time, but the tests are encouraging. If you want, do a test with one Ritek and do some compatibility tests using standalone players and Xbox or Playstation 2. I can’t wait to see the results… Not all ND-2500 drives are the same so we need tests from everybody who affords and/or is able to do them. Thanks in advance!!! :cool:

Unfortunately, my friend is outside Greece so i am not able to obtain the PS2 and Xbox serial numbers, that i used for my tests. So for those who asked some time ago i am afraid they’ll have to wait a little longer. Sorry!!! :rolleyes:

I am still waiting for these long awaited Ritek DL - 12 EUROS/disc. Some people say the next shipment of Ritek DL will sell at 9 EUROS/disc. I finally see some progress in Greek market. As for the availability, only 3 stores in Greece sell DL media!!! Unbelievable!!! :eek:

Well I just burnt my very first Dual Layer disc :slight_smile:

It is the Playstation 2 title, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance.

It was in UDF 1.02 format which unfortunately does not work on any tests in Nero CD-Speed including the transfer rate tests :Z

Even my DVD-R and DVD+R don’t work in any of the tests if I burn something in UDF 1.02 format, I don’t think Nero CD-Speed supports it.

So I am using KProbe2 to do the speed test on my NEC2500 which has Herrie’s 2.16 Ritek DL firmware.

The disc booktype was set to DVD-ROM and burnt with DVD Decrypter as I will not be burning any DL discs without DVD-ROM booktype or without DVD Decrypter :stuck_out_tongue:

My Playstation 2 played the disc fine from both layers and my XBOX recognised the disc.

So what do you think of the results Ardov or anyone else?

Good or bad?

SSJ4 Vegetto,

     Wondeful results and compatibility from what you're saying here. The Kprobe2 results show that NEC ND-2500 is slow when reading DVD+R DL discs but that's not a real problem. If Kprobe2 shows more PI/PIF errors or less, this doesn't mean a thing. What is important is that the disc was playable in Xbox and PS2. So, the Ritek DL media seems a great alternative to Verbatim.

Thanks for your tests!!!

By the way, ND-3500AG price dropped below 85 EUROS (including tax) here in Greece. I was thinking of buying this one. On second thought it seems to be a wrong purchase because many new products will come out very soon. So, i think we all have to wait until something really extraordinary comes out before we upgrade to a ne DVD writer. What’s your opinion? :rolleyes:

Ardov, my opinion on getting the ND-3500AG :slight_smile:

My first DVD Writer was the NEC 2500 :wink:

I got it back in May when I read it could burn Dual Layer discs :bow:

I didn’t want to get a DVD Writer which only burnt normal DVD5 media because I consider it “half a DVD Writer” :Z

I am very happy with my purchase of the NEC 2500 and I won’t buy any DVD Writer unless my NEC 2500 stops working because it does everything I want it to :stuck_out_tongue:

What I would like to know is whether the NEC 2500 can burn DVD-R DL with hacked firmware when it is released.

Sorry for the delay, i was very busy with my University.

I agree that ND-2500A is a perfect drive. I will not buy a new recorder unless the new one that comes out has many more features like 8x DVD+R DL media support, DVD-R DL support. Unfortunately, the ND-2500A will not become DVD-R DL capable with hacked firmwares. DVD-R DL requires totally different focusing techniques than DVD+R DL so it probably isn’t possible! Don’t trust those rumours, even if they are one of our dreams! :bigsmile:

Guys, try to keep up with this post. We really want your results with ND-2500A / Ritek D01 DVD+R DL. So, everyone who has done dual layer burns with ND-2500A please post your opinion and tests here.
SSJ4 Vegetto, what about you? Any new working backups?
As for me, today i did my 5th burn using Ritek DL media and it works perfectly with any player, standalone/PS2-Xbox/PC.

Hi all, 2500A companions

Sorry i can’t presently post any scans after a disk crash ( 3rd IBM :frowning: in 10 years)
Mine is a 2500@2510 with 2F7 fw and I did 3 burns with Verbatim MKM 001 (for comparison with the upcoming Ritek DL tests)
a - perfect scans both in cdsped tranfer rate test and kprobe (PI max 15 in first layer and 80 in second layer. A small problem is layer break caused 1 minute loss of data which I attribute to Nero poor optimisation of layer break.
b - burn with copytodvd resulted in good optimisation of layer break but less fluid scans : the two handles often observed at the beginning and end of the disc in cdspeed and PI max in second layer nearing 140.
c - iso burn with dvd decrypter (NTFS for file over 4Gb) with perfect scan on cdspeed and PI max as in b above. No layer break freeze at all.

My Ritek DL are underway for a future test with 216 Herrie.

As for a future burner upgrade, I’m not convinced the 3500AG would bring such better quality as would make the investment compelling for 2500A owners.
I saw better scans on DL posted in this forum but generally using a better reader than mine (ie 812S/832S vs my 811S).

8X scans on the 3500AG are comparable to mine with TY G02 or TY G01.

I’m still to be convinced that write speeds over 8X would bring me the quality I expect from each burn.

As for -R DL, it’s not part of my dreams so far. Maybe it’s part of -R DL manufacturers’ dreams :slight_smile:

In short, I stopped dreaming recording hardware with my 2500A performing as expected and begin dreaming of a sharp drop in DL media. :wink: probably originating from Taiwan which decided me to give Ritek DL a try.
Ardov’s results also gave us an assurance that 216 Herrie does its job with this media.

Hi. I have tried to upgrade my NEC ND2500A with Herrie’s 2.16 firmware, but the upgrade utility tell me: “Target NEC ND-2510A is not found correctly”.My current firmware is Herrie’s 1.07 v2 beta 5. Can anyone hel me ? Thanks.

Use Binflasher, link
It is a great utility made by Liggy!

As for a future burner upgrade, I’m not convinced the 3500AG would bring such better quality as would make the investment compelling for 2500A owners.

well one thing the 3500 does bring to the table is burning dl discs at 4x speed this is a error scan of a 4x burn … also on an aopen which scans at 32/32 blocks so the numbers are higher than liteon scan.

You have a good point here which we have to consider when the media price hits the 2-3 dollar region. :wink:

Quality wise, this burn is very good as compared to the ones I obtained at 2.4X with a 2500@2510 : no difference in the second layer concerning PI’s which in my case fly to 140 max.

Ridisc DL (Ritek D01)
Burnt 2.4X on 2500@2510 w/ Herries’s 2.16 using decrypter Iso read and Iso write (checking Optimal layer break)

Cdspeed transfer rate is perfect. Read perfectly on Liteon 811S and Pioneer 444.
Kprobe is much worse than Verbatim. Odd enogh, the first layer is worse than the second one; it’s the reverse I can see on my 3 Verbatim DL burns. this might show that an upcoming 2510 firmware could smooth out the PIs for both layer ??